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How to Curate A Well Lived Life this Year

Your life can be whatever you dream of it to be. The most beautiful well lived, however you envision it to be, can come true with a bit of attention to detail. Curating intricate experiences and moments is what I suggest rather than becoming fixated on resolutions and goals.

You need to become the curator of your own life. Embracing this approach to living has absolutely changed my life.

How to Curate A Well Lived Life this Year

Curating your life is based on your desires and aesthetics. Those lingering desires that we have longed for, for as long as we can remember. A curated lifestyle honors the wishes you have for yourself and the way you want to live.

Our lives and how we live them can truly be limitless. I realized this in my early 20s. Very early on in my young adult life, I knew how I wanted to live, where I wanted to live, where I wanted to travel, and such. And, I made sure to engage in those types of experiences very early on. You don't have to compromise. You will have to be very intentional though, have standards for the way you want to live, and pay attention to all of the details of your lifestyle.

Andrea Fenise How to Curate A Well Lived Life this Year

The moment you begin curating your life and the collections begin to come forth. A collection of art, collection of curated travel, your collection of languages, beautiful collection of friendships and relationships. It is about being particular about what you engage in, your interests, and experiences.

Andrea Fenise How to Curate A Well Lived Life this Year


Having interests and hobbies is the first thought that comes to mind when you are curating your lifestyle. They are what makes us interesting. I am convinced that the ability to explore other interests outside of work allows us to master the art of living. They keep our minds open to discovery, exploration, and creativity. Interests that give room to becoming more cultured in arts and philosophy are always a great way to curate your lifestyle. Travel is another. You begin to collect memories and experiences of a lifetime that lead way to a more rich life.


In my opinion the premier element of a curated lifestyle is a signature style. Your experiences and lifestyle shape your style, as it should. Your style and what you choose to wear reflects who you are. Having a well curated wardrobe tells the story, in an artful manner, of the woman you are. Fill you closet with pieces that you love, that are functional, expressive, and work well with the woman and life you are expressing.


I think having a curated palette is an underestimated detail but in my opinion is just as powerful as others. The saying goes, "You are what you eat". Eating a gorgeous dinner over a glass of wine, vibrant fruits and vegetables, and understanding food and the culinary arts is a supreme detail. I also believe the way in which you eat can transform your life. I've tried to limit eating in my car and on the go and taking the time to eat at the table without my phone. What happens is you begin to either indulge in more interesting conversations if eating with others or become more mindful if eating alone.


Who you know is just as important as what you know? The right relationships can change your life completely. But, there is an art to nurturing relationships. It takes thought, intentionality, and charm. I think we forget that we choose who our friends are and who has the privilege of having intimacy with you- not just romantic intimacy. We curate our collection of friends and partners. Choose those who will make your life experiences wholesome and rich.

Andrea Fenise How to Curate A Well Lived Life this Year

If you want an exceptional life, full of collected memories and pieces, you can have it. There is an art form to achieving it and you are the sculptor of a curated life. A well curated life is the attention to the details of your day to day.

Read interesting books. Go to interesting places. Spend your money on special things that you love. Keep in mind quality is always better than quanity.


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