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Homemaker Morning Routine for Work at Home Moms

The pandemic, changes in my marriage, and an unexpected role as a mother of a special needs son brought me back into the home to both work and care for my children. Balancing motherhood and working from home for a living was never a dream of mine. The vision for my life was to be "an energetic on the move" creative career woman. I've always envisioned commuting to work in chic sunglasses with a stylish outfit pulling up to Starbucks prior to strolling into my office.

Mornings look very different nowadays. These days, they are deeply anchored in rhythms and rituals of homemaking, homeschooling, and creative work. Now that my heart has found its place at home, I've embraced just how important both being home is to myself and my family and how setting unique traditions and routines has a lasting impact on us as homemakers.

A homemaker routine for work from home moms

Today with two children with significant age gaps, needs, and schedules, my day to day looks different than life before a second child, marriage then separation, and now creating a living from home and homeschooling.

As I tried many routines and rhythms, I quickly discovered every homemaker's schedule is not a one size fits all. And, I found immense beauty in that. Your home should be a reflection of what you value and what your heart desires to build for your family. Everything you create in it and nurture within its walls should express the personality and traditions you are setting for your family.

Your home and family are unique so what works for you may not work for everyone else. I have found so much joy in creating routines and systems that make homemaking more enjoyable. I have curated daily rhythms for homemaking that both help maintain my home but also redefine modern living and reconnect to the ways of women before me. I've expressed how important that truly is for me as a homemaker but especially as a woman.

A homemaker routine for work from home moms

6:00 am: wake up, stretch, meditate and pray, greet my ancestors, and thank them by tending to their altars if needed

6:15 am: take vitamins, open curtains, and make the bed

6:30 am: read 15 pages of a book, start a load of laundry, and unload the dishwasher

7:15 am: get daughter to school

8:00 am: morning walk and outside play with my son, listen to a podcast or Spanish lessons

A homemaker routine for work from home moms

9:00 am: make breakfast, listen to vinyl records and daily homeschool lesson

10:00 am: check emails and social media comments and check in, and call a friend to stay in touch

10:30 am- 12:30 pm : independent play for my son and creative work for my agency or write a blog post I do the Pomodoro method during this time to check on him or engage in play

12:30 pm : make lunch and head outside for learning in nature or a quick walk

A homemaker routine for work from home moms

That is pretty much how I spend my mornings. Yes, they are very productive and balanced. I make sure every detail of my morning rhythm considers what I value. I feel there should be room for them to be equally stewarded with home, work, creativity, and motherhood while maintaining order.

I also allow flexibility in how many work tasks are accomplished during my work block. I may not be able to check off every single task but I work towards moving the needle close to completion daily.

To maintain sanity and self care, I place exercise and personal development as a high priority by doing these tasks in the morning rather than at night. It is important to pour into myself first to ensure I am well and feel productive. I feel more accomplished now than ever before.

I hope you find motivation to curate a personal morning routine as a homemaker whether you work from home or outside of the home. You should make your home a place of joy and beauty no matter how you earn a living.


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