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Becoming in this Season

If we look at it for all that it truly is, fall is a comforting symbol that a change is approaching. She ushers in with subtleness. Introducing herself with subdued grace. She takes her time to transform everything in her presence with new routines, comfort, and a sense of coming to oneself. Fall has mastered the art of transformation.

As the season brings into being newness, slowly but surely, I too am welcoming with open arms a new season of becoming. I want to lay the foundations of a way of living, being, and existing that carries me through the seasons.

I love words and creating themes. I think my younger years of escaping in books and fashion, married this approach to life. Over time, I began creating sort of a work thematic concept with every season of my life. Finding ways to make words come alive through my wardrobe. Creating curriculums of personal study that lead to reading books that related to a word. It took root and has branched into every aspect of my way of living today.

My theme this fall is BECOMING. The energy of the word becoming is resonating so deep in my soul right now.

Life can seem like a series of lessons or blessings. I've started to see things for what they are and what they mean. What if all of our experiences weren't meant to just help us become who we need to be? What if trying something new leads you to discover a new passion or even a career? What I have learned is that life is not about the arrival or the destination, it is about the ride.

At some point, I arrived at a place where I just said, I am living for a living. That's it. And, along the way, I want to become her.

As I do that, creatively live for a living, I also want to use this space on the internet, as a place to share, document, and inspire. I want to use my platform in a more creatively established place to lay out seasonal themes, stories, and resources that embody words and themes.

The aim for this season's word and theme BECOMING, is for me and you, to explore ways to learn new things like how to sew our own fall wardrobe, root ourselves in tradition by trying new routines, archive family recipes, learn fall wines, take ourselves on a new walking trail.

My hope for a new way of writing and sharing is that my blog will encourage us all to find ways to become who we desire. So that we look back and realize the true meaning of living.


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