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reisha moxley

A psychologist and performance coach with a mission to help clients overcome mental and emotional challenges. 


Reisha Moxley knew that it was time for a total rebrand. After practicing in a corporate setting for a well known and established healthcare institution, Reisha Moxley was ready to take the leap and give her own practice all of the energy she had. Her ideal client is very niche and has a specific set of needs and aesthetics. Our goal for this project was to create a consistent brand experience that would make Dr. Reisha Moxley stand apart in a crowded industry of psychologists and performance coaches. 





Our work with Reisha Moxley provided a bold framework and brand blueprint that leads the way for her messaging and visuals to perfectly compliment her work. Brand photography, logo design, and a new website perfectly position her as a leader. The mood of the design was intended to convey professionalism and approachability. 

how we did it


Our design approach was to marry lifestyle and professionalism into therapy and performance space. We studied color therapy as well as analyzed the target demographics' needs and design tastes. Market research and brand assessment brought led our team to a strong point to collaborate with Dr. Reisha Moxley to develop a cohesive brand story positioning that merges great design that solidifies and positions Dr. Moxley as an expert but garners trust and approachability. 



Dr. Reisha Moxley's new visual strategy is layered with rich tones and elements that highlight the new direction of the brand. The updated direction, which nods for Dr. Reisha Moxley to step out from behind the "couch" and into the role of an industry leader for the mental health and coaching education and implementation of social media mastery for small business owners.


The color palette of Dr. Reisha Moxley reflects a modern, unexpected mood.  Rich teals paired with black and citron yellow exude confidence and empowerment. It speaks volumes to the future clients that Dr. Reisha Moxley would like to serve. 



The logo was birthed from the idea of using Dr. Reisha Moxley's name for recognition and awareness. We wanted to evoke a feeling of strength and overcoming with the letter ligature. The unique “M” acts as a custom monogram and brand element and the three colors were implemented throughout the other design components. 

00_Primary Reisha-Main-Logo@2x.png
03_Alt Logo@2x.png



A complete refresh of the website included a strategic converting homepage animation, updated brand imagery, client testimonial page as well as about and contact pages. 

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