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Three Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot

Every small business owner or someone who has a personal brand should have a checklist of business necessities. At the top of that list should be having an updated and professional headshot. I am not one to disagree that everyone doesn't love being in front of the camera but if you want to be taken serious, you need a headshot.

Long gone are the days in which only the CEO and marketing managers of Fortune 500 companies only invested in headshots. Everyone needs a headshot these days. The world is so interconnected these days. Your next business deal and one that could potentially be life changing is just a click on your profile picture. With a great headshot your professionalism and unique personality can stand out amongst many other profiles, opening doors for new opportunities and new business.

Here are 3 reasons why you should update your headshot this year.

You will look like you should be taken seriously and as a professional.

Hopefully this doesn't step on any toes but having a professional headshot instead of just a random cell phone photo on your website or social media shows that you are serious about business. I've always said presentation is everything. These professional shots demonstrate that you’re willing to put the time and energy into what you do. You are visually communicating that you have made the commitment to your brand. And, that speaks volumes.

You will stand out in the crowd

If you have studied psychology of buying or just know from daily knowledge, people see first before they buy. You don't have long to convince someone or sell them something. You have to make that very first impression count. A professional headshot will always stand out in a crowd of cell phone pictures. If someone is scrolling through Google searches or a social media platform or even a recruiter on let's say LinkedIn, a high resolution and high quality headshot will get a click before an Iphone photo.

You get to show your personality through a photograph

Headshots aren't boring anymore and they for sure or not cookie cutter. Not every headshot has to be the boring gray background for a corporate company! A professional headshot is your opportunity to exude your personality. Have fun with your headshot and find a unique location or something that fits your branding. This is even more true if you’re a small business owner. Bring your personality to your portraits!

Headshots demonstrate the commitment to your business and your brand. It shows that you are not only committed to quality in others brands that you may serve but most importantly the investment in your own brand.

If you need to invest in a headshot or ready for a refresh? We have a talented team and network of photographers that work with us. Plan your branding session or updated headshots here!

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