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A Day at Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta is a unique city nestled in a forest. It is a metropolitan city known for its abundance of urban nature spaces. Last week, I escaped to its magical urban oasis, Atlanta Botanical Garden, to immerse myself in nature and blooms.

It was just my luck that while in town I would have time to experience Thomas Dambo’s exhibition of folklore-inspired sculptures built from reclaimed materials. Originally from Denmark, Thomas Dambo, is considered the world's leading recycle artist. He is known for making masterpiece sculptures built out of damaged pallets salvaged from local companies.

Before leisurely walking the 30-acre garden, I stopped for a cocktail so that strolling with trolls would be even more enjoyable. Cocktails in the Garden is a highly anticipated event with live music held from May through September on Thursday through Saturday. It was so cute and for sure a nice detail that made my evening alone in the garden just that more special.

I've visited many gardens around the country over the years and I think Atlanta Botanical Garden has become one of my favorites. It seems there is always something blooming in the garden. I love that for them. From new installations, exhibitions, classes, parties in the garden, and full service dining restaurants such as Longleaf, your time spent at Atlanta Botanical Garden can be delightful.

An hour or so later walking and frolicking through the garden, I finally found the Earth Goddess. She has become an internet sensation. And, I truly see why. Seeing the 20 feet tall flowing plants with numerous decadent plants in person was enchanting. The steel structure is covered in fabric and stuffed with soilless plant medium. Thousands of small plants are plugged into the surface by punching holes in the fabric.

Before my evening ended, I walked into the most gorgeous installation ever- the Orchid Display House. The Orchid Display has is filled with so many beautiful orchids brought from on site greenhouses. The house uses a a unique temperature system that allows the Garden to show a wide varity of orchid species like Masdevallia and Dracula, and Cyrtochilum.

Visiting the Atlanta Botanical Garden was a much-needed time in nature. But, it was also inspirational to how I want to experience traveling-slow and intentionally and in search of gardens.

1345 Piedmont Ave Atlanta, GA 30309


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