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Offering birth support to Greater Memphis and surrounding areas and has assisted over 60 women give birth.


Peake Wellness came to us with a vision to rebrand during a transition. After being in business for a couple of years, they wanted a clearer brand identity that would resonate with their particular demographic and niche. Our goal for this project was to create a consistent brand experience and visually anchor the messaging and mission of Peake Wellenss. 




Our work with Peake Wellness provided a brand blueprint that guides their messaging and visuals. With this clear strategy, we created a new logo design to use on the website as well as marketing materials and designed a new website that has given them a compelling presence that serves their target audience. 

peake wellness of memphis
how we did it


Guiding our creative work on this project was typography. Using different typographic styles, we made the website clearer and easier to understand. Our team collaborated with Miajanell Peake, founder, to develop a comprehensive brand story and made it very clear who the target client is. Color psychology, clear copy, and visual design delivers a meaningful and engaging experience on the website that better communicates that mission and purpose of Peake Wellness


Elevating a holistic wellness practice by applying branded photography and consistent typography usage,  Peake Wellness creates a new look and design. Warm and inviting yet professional, the look and feel reflect a focused approach that invites both women on a unique birthing experience.

The color palette of Peake Wellness reflects a healing and comforting mood.  Often associated with feelings of creativity and warmth, a deep teal tone pronounces more high end feelings found in luxurious yet inviting brands. This teal “pop” makes the brand instantly recognizable.


An excellent piece of modern typography The balance of a feminine and modern font paired with a structural serif font. The illustration acts as a messenger of the care provided. The curved text shapes thread reference the female body and birthing experience throughout branding in elements like product packaging, brochures etc. while unique touches characterize each singular project.

Peake Wellness Text.png



A complete refresh of the website included a dynamic homepage animation, updated brand imagery, a responsive e-commerce, and showcase of team members, testimonials, and services. 

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