Why We Decided to Elope

Last week, I made the best decision of my life. After cuddles in bed and very candid conversations, Daniel and I decided to get married at the courthouse. This wasn't a random and rash decision for us, it's one we considered for quite some time after the initial phase of planning a wedding ceremony. I do believe in being honest so here are a few reasons why we "eloped" that may resonate with you...

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares why she decided to have a court wedding


After a few years of working in the bridal industry designing dresses, I knew then a wedding ceremony in certain capacities just didn't fit want I wanted. Although it may seem that I like big productions--- I really don't. When Daniel proposed, I had these grand ideas that  I would design my entire bridal parties garments including my own gown. I was already tired just scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration. I really got OVERwhelmed when we began looking for venues. Luckily, we did find a venue we loved that was affordable. However, the elements that were very important to Daniel became a stressful factor to figure out. A blended cultural wedding with food, drinks, y musica was becoming more and more difficult as we continued to plan. SO WE STOPPED! 


My parents were married until death did them apart.  I took very detailed notes of the way my mother and father navigated through marriage-both the good and the bad. My mom would always preach to me then and now about the importance of communication and understanding. She would say "Always communicate so you'll have an understanding". I took heed. Daniel and I communicate very well and I'm so fortunate for that. During the uber brief planning process, we took a quick road trip to Little Rock for salsa dancing and decided we needed to talk about the life we would build together.

Our life together consists of finding a beautiful and gracious way to blend children and culture together to make sure we have a solid foundation. It's not just about us but the kids as well. We knew we wanted to build a huge house for the kids to enjoy. Travel internationally with children was important to me. Opening new businesses to grow our wealth together as a family was also very important to the both of us. So, we couldn't justify spending 10 to 15k on a ceremony when we hadn't accomplished any of our goals together yet. We at the very least want to purchase a new home together before spending our house down payment on a ceremony. 

We would love to share our love and marriage with our close friends and family in a private dinner or cute little summer party. We will do that and maybe celebrate with a ceremony at our one year anniversary AFTER we've achieved some long-term goals together. Starting our marriage on our terms and designing our lives together without outside influence was so inspiring to me. It made me so confident going into doing life with someone who I could be honest with about what I really wanted. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares why she decided to have a court wedding