When I think back to all of the beautiful woman who have resonated with me for years, my fondest memories are of the things that were signature to each woman I've encountered. Like for example, a signature "look" as far as wardrobe, a lip shade and mostly a signature scent. In essence, not many things proclaim femininity like wearing fragrances. It's the detail in each woman that adds a layer of beauty.

Why Every Woman Should have a signature scent | Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger 

While on the never ending journey of discovering my own philosophy of femininity, I began a beautiful quest to add beauty to my every day life. I began with looking at the woman who were a part of me-- the woman in my life. What was it about of these woman that I remembered the most?  I was now in search of my mother's garden and my grandmother and aunts. I closed my eyes in search of the first thing that would come to me and it was the sense of SMELL. Smell is the sense closest linked to memory. 

I remember my Aunt Betty's house. How immaculate she kept her home. How every time I entered her house there was always a beautiful smell. It was her signature day fragrance---CHANEL NO. 5. Everything about my Aunt Betty was feminine. I began to equate my memories of my Aunt Betty with her signature scent, daydreamed about how wonderful my grandmother might have smelled as she wore Chanel No. 5 too and related that to my now new found quest to create a signature scent for myself. 

Why Every Woman Should have a signature scent | Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger

With the abundance of fragrances on the market, it was hard for me to pick one. Floral, musk, smoky, citrusy, woody, and on and on. I found my signature--Chanel Chance. It is the young scent of CHANEL, an unexpected floral, but very commanding and not too youthful. It is a beautiful, light, airy floral Eau de Parfum spray. The top note is pink pepper, middle notes are jasmine and iris, and base notes are patchouli, vanilla, and musk. 

If you are on the quest for your signature scent or if you've had yours for years, the most important thing I've learned is to always act like a woman and create memories for yourself and others that will last forever. It is the subtle details like smells that leave signature expressions of all women behind for others to enjoy.