This morning, the sun was peeking through my blinds. The birds were chirping. And by some supernatural force, I knew the time for the shift had begun. It's something I have known was coming near and all the events prior were leading up to this time. Almost a year ago, I fully committed myself to stop sewing for others and dwelling in the role as a designer. I willingly let go of income and stress for rest and engulfing myself in new passions. 

There was no greater sign than to wake up to my website being down. The website I have operated for the last 6 years was expired. BYANDREAFENISE.COM was up for renewal. I wasn't oblivious. I knew it was because GoDaddy sends notifications rather frequently. Despite the constant notifications, I wanted to sit and think about this. I know it's just a domain but a domain name and a brand name is everything. It sets the tone and defines your presence both on the internet and in real life. There is immense thought in a name. 

I wasn't thriving in the BY of byAndreaFenise.com. By initially was intended to define garments being designed BYANDREAFENISE as a way to differentiate between all of the other creative projects. That is no longer.  The woman behind the brand of byAndreaFenise and AndreaFenise are too totally different women. 

This morning, I felt moved to let byAndreaFenise go in order to evolve and thrive as who I am---ANDREAFENISE.

You have to give up your life as you know it to get a new one. Sometimes you need to let go of everything you are clinging to and start over, whether because you have outgrown it or because it's not working anymore or because it was wrong for you in the first place. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares new beginnings with website change

This shift is a slight change in the direction of my content. I believe it is my personal responsibility to write content that I would love to share. Not just what gets the traffic. It has to make sense for me. It has to be in perfect alignment with where I am going as a woman. It will illuminate all of my interests that may not or couldn't be shared in the old space. I hope to be able to write and share things that I feel are of substance not just what every other blogger writes about. I hope to tell you stories that will inspire you to live fully. It's my desire to heal women through artful storytelling. But mostly, I'd like to authentically share ANDREAFENISE in her entirety with you. 

There will be cosmetic changes to the design of the site soon which has me super pumped. I also would like to write content you want to read. I love to hear your thoughts of what resonates with you. What are topics you like to read about? What draws you to ANDREAFENISE that I could share more of? 

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