Summer's End

Yesterday, I felt a dark gloomy cloud lingering over my head and couldn’t shake it. I pondered on Why? Why am I so sad? Then I realized all over social media there is a bombarding message of “Welcoming Fall”. I mean it’s raining pumpkin spices, wool and fireplaces everywhere. I am honest with you all in sharing my bouts with seasonal depression. You guys, it’s real. I get so sad, depressed and honestly lazy with the thought of colder weather and gloomier skies. Let’s be honest, my depression is unrealistic. No matter how I dread it— the seasons will change. Summer has to come to an end—and it already has.

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares summers end style story with floral pants and striped blouse

My family and I went to dinner yesterday, Chinese, and were all given fortune cookies. My paper read, “DON’T ASK WHY THERE ARE CHANGES IN LIFE. CHANGE IS LIFE. Chile! During one of my very often reflective moments, I confronted the resistant part of my being with this one question, “Why are you not embracing the changes in life?” To put it into context the seasons of life. Change is indeed life. It is a part of life.

Change can be scary. It removes us from our comfort zone and forces us to refocus and reevaluate. Change can remind us that we do not have it all together. LISTEN! It can require us to temporarily give up our independence and rely on someone else for help. Change humbles us and breaks us down to the point of surrendering to a being that is higher than us.

The most valuable lesson I have learned is that if you are not changing then you are not growing. Growth is life. Growth is vitality. Growing as people and as spiritual beings. If we are not constantly allowing God to lead us into new situations and environments, how can we ever grow deeper with Him.  

God has something new that He wants to teach and we have something new to learn. Every season of life is a gift and it may only come around once. Do not miss it. Embrace the new things that you find in your every day life and allow God to teach you and prepare you for the next change.

So I must say farewell to summer ‘s thriving and bustling energy and openly welcome fall’s season of rest and regenerating energy.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares summers end style story about change

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