Spring Ahead

It doesn't matter to me what calendar date says spring begins officially, MARCH 1st, in my mind is always the beginning of spring. I feel the energy and the sounds of birds, warmer air and the promise of adventure signaling spring is indeed ahead. This spring, I want to celebrate movement not fast paced pointless movement but intentional movement. Moving and ascending places spiritually, moving money, going places whether its in my city or dreaming of beautiful places, people and things that inspire me. All month long, I invite you to celebrate the beginning of my favorite season and the beautiful promises she brings. I'll share a food & beauty series I've worked on the entire month of February, Beauty & The Food, in which I discover and experience food in my city from all over the world and the beauty secrets of  some of those women.  I hope to inspire you to get your money moving, quick road trips, and even getting your body moving. Let's gooooooooooo! 


I felt like I brought local flavors and destinations to life on my own little mouthwatering tasting tour that hopefully inspires you to pack your bag or fork and experience Memphis.  Here's the first part of Beauty & The Food, I explored Vietnam via one of my favorite restaurants in Memphis Shang Hai. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion and Food blogger explores local restaurants in Memphis