OOPS, Forgot to Share... I'm Pregnant! & My First Trimester Update

I’m pretty sure as I type this many of you may already know from social media… I’M PREGNANT !

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger makes pregnancy announcement

It is a surreal feeling full of mixed emotions. I often times find myself staring at my already big belly bump still in shock. One thing for sure is I’m relieved to finally publicly share this news with you all. I did want to take the time to chat with you guys about why I didn’t share early on, my back and forth about if I ever would, and why I finally decided to just make it a “thing”.

I’ll first tell you as of today January 1, I am 16 weeks & 6 days, & I’m due June 10th, 2019. Okay, so here we go ….

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger makes pregnancy announcement


I have shared my story of miscarriage here before so this will help put everything into context. Due to the miscarriage and having a D&E, I didn’t want to try again, like ever in life. I don’t suffer from infertility issues at all and I really want to make that clear. Olivia just wasn’t compatible with life as my genetic doctor phrased it. She had a rare genetic disorder called Turner’s Syndrome that caused her fetal death.

Due to the emotional roller coaster I experienced, I didn’t want to get back on that ride. I did however want to make sure I fully healed and got my menstrual back. I have a very very regular cycle like time of day and everything. After 20 days of inconsistent bleeding, my cycle finally came back to normal. THEN all of a sudden, I started noticing utter exhaustion during the midday. Like I never take naps but after I ate anything I would get so tired. During that time, I was also training for a marathon. I was running 4-5 miles like Superwoman for about 2 weeks. During a week of my training, I noticed fatigue a little too early into my miles maybe mile 2.5. I was like, Oh holy cow— I think I’m pregnant.

Because my cycle is regular, I was on pin and needles, I wanted to take an early First Response Test. I talked to my husband about taking a test early. He immediately said NO. He asked for me not to take it early and to be patient. Now he knows his wife, I am not patient. After dinner that evening, I told him I was running to take Amira to buy some stationery from Walgreens. I really was running to get a pregnancy test. I hid the test in my purse and ran into the bathroom and took the test while he was watching TV. When I saw the first line come through I just walked away a little deflated because by now I was convinced that I was pregnant. Although we weren’t trying now I wanted it. A few minutes later when I came back to discard the cup, I saw TWO lines. Positive. My heart sank. I started shaking. Of course, I couldn’t tell Daniel because I secretly took the test. I slide the test behind some books and ran to my phone. I HAD to told my mom though haha. But, I told Daniel maybe an hour later. I couldn’t help it. lol.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger announces pregnancy


Since I found out at 5-6 weeks, I immediately started feeling symptoms or imagined them. I was so tired. During my workdays, I would sneak off from my computer and take 2 hours naps. I craved cereal yet milk was disgusting to the developing fetus. I would get incredibly nauseous every time I drank milk. I couldn’t shake the random bouts of nausea and felt like I was starving uncontrollably. I would go out to get fast food and every single thing I ordered was disgusting. I vowed to never eat fast food again. I wanted to get on Facebook so bad and complain about food being disgusting, how tired I was, and how dizzy and nauseous I was—but then everyone would put 2 & 2 together.

Emotionally, I was a wreck. I had joy but was so afraid of allowing myself to be happy. I had an insurmountable amount of fear. Mainly a fear of doing anything wrong to loose the baby. I didn’t work out at all during my first trimester—not one time. My doctor cleared me to exercise after hearing a strong heartbeat and my first ultrasound at 7 weeks. I just didn’t want to. She actually suggested at my 12 week to let go of the fear and exercise. So, I started back exercising at 16 weeks only doing brisk walking, Zumba, and light weightlifting. Everything I was doing before (per my doctor’s approval)


Believe it or not, I am really close to many of you guys through social media. Over the past 9 years, I’ve shared so much of life with you all to experience with me, that not sharing the baby news was very difficult. I wanted to share the blessing that God gave me and give hope to so many who shared their loss stories with me. But, obviously I knew I had to wait until it was safe to share with a safe and sound arrival into my second trimester, and finally with my husband’s approval. I made a promise to him that I wouldn’t share until AFTER the genetic results came back.

Keeping this secret was hard because in real life many of you saw my belly and said Congrats before I could tell you I was pregnant. For example, I did this Holiday Style Shoot with Kim & some of my fav bloggers back in November I think. I hadn’t made an announcement but as soon as I took my coat off, everyone knew I was pregnant. This little baby made sure I knew that hiding wouldn’t happen. It started peeking very early on. I felt like at 9 weeks I had already looked 3 months pregnant.

Initially I thought I would wait to announce around 6 months, yeah right. It would get out way before then. Once we got all negative genetic results I decided I would share both the pregnancy and gender results within the same week. I knew there was a bigger message in my pregnancy and I wouldn’t be able to tell it by keeping it a secret. Just while typing this there is so much content, stories and lessons , I’d like to build around my pregnancy that it NOW gets me excited.


We are into the 2nd trimester, NOW! YAY! I am not exhausted anymore. I’ve actually had bursts of energy. We’ve made small plans about the nursery, shifting things around in our family dynamic, and have made a couple of name plans. Other than that—nothing.

We do know the gender. It’s a BOY! I found out around 14 weeks due to genetic results and handed over the results to my mom. To be honest, I was a little disappointed because I really wanted another girl. I adore little girls. There is nothing more I wanted than to make Amira’s dream of being a big sister to a girl come true. When you have lost a baby though, you are just grateful to know your baby is healthy, boy or girl. I’m getting ready to be a boy mom and now I’m overjoyed.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares pregnancy announcement
Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares pregnancy announcement

I want to bask in this pregnancy and share it with you guys but not “overshare”. Tell me what you guys think. Do you want pregnancy content? Stories of planning for a new baby with a huge gap in age? Pregnancy fitness and style? I’m turning to you guys to guide me here, because I really want to make sure I continue to be authentic and give my readers what they came here for while being true to myself.

Let me know! But yes, We are having another baby!

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares pregnancy announcement