My Easy Mommy Style Routine

Even after 8 years, sometimes I question this Mommy thing, whether I have it down or not. We don't get a manual of "how to be the best parent"  when we deliver these little humans. Annnddddd... You know I'd hate for 10 years to come and Amira screams " I hate you mommy, you were the absolute worst". I think I'd run straight through a wall. Digressing! Overall,  I think I'm doing okay lol. One thing, I have finally mastered thanks to my own little manual, is how to look stylish and put together when you only have 15-20 minutes to get yourself together. Here I'll share my super easy approach to mommy style and how to get out of the door flawlessly....


Andrea Fenise shares an easy mommy style routine 
Andrea Fenise shares an easy mommy style routine

As a young girl growing up I would hear my mother say all of the time, "Your kids are supposed to look better than you". "Get your kids dressed first then you get dressed" "It doesn't matter how you look your kids need to always look nice and clean and dressed really cute". All the while, she managed to always look flawless, go figure,  and of course my brother and I too.  Many mothers sometimes fall a little short and let themselves "go" for the sacrifice of their children. I get it,  but being stylish isn't that hard I promise. 

Andrea Fenise shares an easy mommy style routine

+ Keep wardrobe simple. I approach style from a ONE PIECE STATEMENT  approach. Your wardrobe should be easy. One piece--- like this easy baby doll dress in a bold color. This one piece, is simple but bold enough to make a statement of it's own.

+ACCESSORIZE!!! Accessories will always carry you through. If you are in a tee and jeans kinda mood. Pair one bold necklace or earring. Grab your bag, don't forget the keys and GO!

Andrea Fenise shares an easy mommy style routine


Andrea Fenise shares an easy mommy style routine

My hair and makeup routine itself has gone through an evolution parallel to my own lifestyle. When I made the choice to approach my life from a minimal and holistic approach, everything else flowed along with it. It's easy, healthy, and minimal. 


I have been natural for almost 17 years. YES I know. Underneath the extensions I use to wear every now and then for fullness and the constant straightening there was a head of curly hair. I've decided to fully embrace my natural hair and I love it. It is the easiest hairstyle for me as a busy working mom. 

Here's my daily routine--- I cowash with Lottabody Cleanse Me Co-Wash with Coconut and Shea Oil and then apply the Moisturize Me Curl and Style Milk. My very last step is sealing the moisture with Jojoba Oil. 1-2-3 DONE WITH HAIR. 

Andrea Fenise shares an easy mommy style routine


Here's where it should be fairly simple. Day makeup should look effortless but it should be effortless as well. I am definitely not the woman or the mother who leaves the house daily with a "beat face". I am all about skin care and maintaining the health of my skin. I use at most 6 steps or products that are easy to find in a local drugstore or online. Foundation, mascara, concealor (a must), lipstick, if time permits or it's needed--blush. 

1. Cover Girl All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation Q805

2. Maybelline Falsies Mascara

3. L.A. Girl Pro Concealor Fawn

4. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Rust 619

5. Wet n Wild Lipstick in Cherry Bomb

Andrea Fenise shares an easy mommy style routine

Being a mom and being stylish can and should go in one sentence. We have so much to juggle and do every single day that feeling good about yourself should be a top priority just to sift through tackling your to do list and taking care of home. If there is one thing I could share with all mothers, it would be to approach style simply and effortlessly but please put forth the effort. It empowers you to be the superwoman you are. 

*It should be mentioned that I shot this look outside of Amira's ballet conservatory. I am all about managing time and getting things done. I think another post will come of how to be a bad mama jama. I'm playing around with creating look books and wanted to quickly share the reality of being a mother in fashion. I had like 1 hour tops to take these pics and make an attempt at filming a lookbook. I totally ran out of time and was only able to edit down to like 20 seconds of film LOL. Would you all like to see more full length look books on my YouTube