A Love Letter to Myself

Dear Fenise, 

I am writing you because well I need to clear my head and my heart space. My heart space--- well yeah, to make room for more of us, me and you. Sooooo this is a love letter, yes, a love letter to you silly. You and I go back, way back!! It's always been you and I,  and for some crazy and outlandish reason I have been afraid of being vulnerable with you. I mean it's not like we haven't been through some things together....................... I'm sorry! I had to take a minute. My emotions got a little heavy. We've been THROUGH SOME things. There have been many many days and nights of crying, pain, heartache and disappointment and many days I have asked why me, us,  and are we really that strong?! You've always been there to remind me we are, during the happy and joyous times as well by saying "Yasss Girl we are!" But this letter, it's to let you know how much I love you and why. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger writes a love letter to myself 

I love you because you are passionate. You will set your mind on something and go for it until it's done. You do not give up. NOPE! That's absolutely not in your vocabulary. You are kind. Some people have taken it as a weakness but you... just move on, give them your love and give even more to the next. You are loving. You have grasped the concept of unconditional love. Love for yourself that has no conditions.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger writes a love letter to myself

I love you because you are a goof ball. You love to be silly and have fun. Taking life too seriously just isn't what you are here for. I love how you have range, I mean, listening to Gucci to Chaka Khan, cook a mean meal, make magical herbal remedies, raise a whole other human being, and fascinate yourself with learning something new as often as you can---girlfriend you are the bomb.com. I love your natural hair, your soup coolers, your itty bitty boobies *tehe*, those legs, and your beautiful smile. Honey girl, you are saxy. I love how you subtly do sexy though. Not too much just enough...ya know. I love that you embrace your feminine energy and have realized it is the channel of creativity and fulfillment. Speaking of energy, I love how give this electric and intense energy to everyone you are around. I really admire how you do that---give it, to get more. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger Love Letter to Myself

I love that you are discovering, developing, and learning yourself, on such a beautiful journey to find yourself and evolve, unwrapping the  part of you that is the most authentic and organic version of you. I love how you pay attention to the signs and symbols, analyze dreams, listen to and call on spirits to guide you. You realize this thing called life is so much bigger than you. GIRL, I love that you are finally taking the time to go back into your past, confront the darkest parts of yourself, learn more about yourself, that you recognize the importance of it and that you are so courageous to face it head-on. Those dark moments have given your inner light the opportunity to shine so bright. I love that even when you get a little weary, the little whisper you hear, you don't ignore it. 

Andrea Fenise, wanna know why I really love you..... I love you for loving yourself....FINALLY!

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger writes love letter to myself

Love always and forever and ever and ever ever,  

Andrea Fenise