How to Set End of Year Goals

Can you believe it,  the fourth quarter is now upon us? It’s October 1st which means that we only have 90 days to accomplish goals and make this a memorable year. 2018, has been a year to remember for me, both personally and professionally. I began planning for 2018 in the last quarter of 2017.  I’ve always taken this approach to visualization to ensure I had enough time to plan out how I would execute daily actions to make the upcoming year unbelievable while ending the year strong. GOAL MULTITASKING—I call it. So I wanted to share my philosophy, here is how I set end of year goals…..

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares how to set fourth quarter goals

October is a month long goal setting holiday. Fall is always the time to get productive and reflective. I can get in full sprint mode to check off anything I haven’t quite accomplished and look forward to setting new goals. The way I do this has been tried and true for me.

I always use the vision boarding method along with a monthly “theme” and task list approach. So simply, I pin my goals, themes, words, and visions on a board. Then the most important part—I write out in list and chart format how I will bring those visions to life. I am a believer in making my dreams come through with actionable steps. For me, it’s not enough to just cut pretty pictures and bold typography out and voila dreams come true. My method for setting end of year goals is just two simple steps…

    Listen, Rome wasn’t built in one day. You will not evolve into the woman of your dreams, save up money for a home, and go to culinary school all at the same time. Multitasking doesn’t work in your favor when you are trying to make your dreams a reality especially in the last quarter of the year. It’s best to focus on one goal and commit to seeing it through.

    Let’s say, your goal is to save an emergency fund and you are in the fourth quarter—- You will need to commit to doing whatever needs to be done to get there. So, the months of October, November, December—- plan out your monthly calendar of events, week by week and look at how you can make changes around either your spending or making extra money. You may say October is “no spend month and searching for a part time gig”. The entire month you’ll be in full gear the committing yourself to saving and sourcing. You will look up in November and you’ll have extra income saved plus now you have an opportunity to make more income. November you’re working hard for the extra money plus already accustomed to saving from the month of October. December, you have rocked out and by the end of the year gotten closer to your end goal.  Now, you can move onto rocking out another goal in the next year

    After playing around with vision boards, I realized in my last board there was a theme for the year 2018 I had envisioned. 2018 was all about love, food, and self care. I wanted to get more serious about curating the life I wanted. I sought balance, boundaries and a desire to express myself through love for others and myself. I wanted to be very intentional with it as well. I started studying what INTENT really means. The definition of intent resonated with me with actions like purpose and eager attention. I looked at attention and everything about the word intent came packaged with detail. One day I asked myself, If you are looking at your vision board, how can you show attention to detail in your vision? How will you be more meticulous in transforming your visions to real accomplishments. It was by creating themes for each quarter.

    Each quarter of the year was connected to a theme I created. It allowed me 3 solid months to align myself with my goals, an actionable verb or simply a word that I connected to. First quarter was renewal, 2nd quarter yup that was love (marriage and a baby), 3rd quarter was family (vacations in the summer), fourth quarter is balance.

    Every single day for the remainder of this quarter is somehow associated with the theme I have developed. It takes me back to the hyperfocus goal but also keeping it fresh and fun. I love designing mood boards for each month with colors, themes, and a phrase for each month to keep me motivated. October, I chose green, well because money is for this honey. I’m trying to stay focused on saving and balance. I also feel like fall is the month for nature to be more still and rest so I chose textures that were calming and smooth. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares how to set fourth quarter goals

How do you resolve to rock out on your end of year goals?