Conquering Financial Fears

Personal growth and development is a boogie bear, I tell you. Making the commitment to learn about yourself will show you a deeper reflection of who you really are, flaws and all. I didn’t realize how much of the way I maneuvered through life was rooted in fear!! I deprived myself of so many simple joys and pleasures because of fear. Big challenges and leaps of faith, I wouldn’t take because of fear. I have given myself an ultimate task to conquer a fear that will change my life and those close to me forever—financial fears.

Over the past 10 years, I developed a money scarcity mindset that has been crippling and detrimental to my future self. You want to know something? I didn’t even realize I had adapted the constant feeling of lack and scarcity. But I did! I felt I would never have enough money to take care of Amira and I. I didn’t trust that I would get the type of client I needed. I always felt everything was so expensive and I could never afford it.

How could anything ever come in? How could the universe really bless me with abundance when I was so scared of it?

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Lifestyle Blogger shares how to conquer financial fears

Like they say when you are down, there is only one way up. GET UP and CONQUER YOUR FEARS!! We all have worries and fears about money, but I knew I had to get past them and empower myself to manage my finances and my future. Here’s how…


Ya’ll signing into my mobile apps to check my accounts was almost like getting prepared to jump off a cliff. I would sit with my phone in my hand literally afraid to check my accounts. There was always a lingering fear that it would never be enough in my accounts to cover the basics. I would literally cover my eyes before the balance shows up on the screen. I vividly remember the shift, two little people sitting on my shoulders. One would say, Look at your money. You need to know where you are, manage what you have and more will come. Then another little person with fear on its shirt would say, Chile you are broke. You swiped so much now you don’t have enough for your light bill. Your lights will be cut off by 3 pm today.

Needless to say, I started to listen to the little person who reassured me that looking at my balances will only position me to know where I stand. It was the responsible thing to do— know how much money you are really working with and manage it. Now, I look at my account and my upcoming bills daily. It helps me to stay focused on my budget and know areas I may have to sacrifice in for the week. Blindly not knowing my financial status was setting me up to continually fear not having enough.


Now this fear was worth sitting on someone’s couch for a therapy session. It was so deeply rooted into my subconscious that I didn’t even know it existed. As I began to do the “work” to conquer this fear, I realized I also needed healing. I was charged with healing past generational curses of lack, scarcity, and poverty mindsets. All of my life including as of late, many of the people that I am surrounded by have made life decisions based off a fear of not deserving more and things are ok with how they are. I think back to growing up in church and hearing people say things like the Lord blessed me with these ole shoes I should be satisfied. I grew up thinking that struggle was righteous. It’s how things are for people like “us”. Abundance was never ever taught. Getting by was though.

The fear began to slowly callous into a mindset with damaging thoughts and defense mechanisms like, “This is good enough. I don’t really want the bigger house, better car or fancy vacation anyway.” Just like Teresa’s future self on Queen of the South, my future self kept appearing letting me know if I just step outside of my fear that really nice Range Rover, three story office building, and two month international vacations were awaiting me because I deserve it. I had to break some seriously strong mental chains that were passed down from family ideas and thoughts.


Money is meant to be circulated if you want abundance to meet you at your feet and in your hands. The universe has any and everything we have ever dreamed of including limitless amounts of money. However, there is one thing, well two, the universe asks of us— trust and openness. While conquering my financial fears, I had an epiphany that I had to really trust that I would always be taken care of. I had to be open to receive financial blessings. So what did I do, I stopped being cheap and began “blessing the money” I spent.

Every time I spend money or receive money, cash or write a check, no matter if it's pennies or hundreds of dollars, I bless my money to expand it. I concentrated on the energy I was exuding towards my money. Instead of spending in an energy of lack and deprivation, I now spend with joy, gratitude, and creativity.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Financial Blogger shares journey of conquering financial fears

It’s been baby steps to get over so many of my financial fears. But, every time I look back at one challenge or mindset shift I am so grateful for courage. When you change your mindset from scarcity to abundance, you become free to create a brighter future that is full of optimism and promise of abundance.