Four Ways To Love Yourself More, Every Single Day

We've heard SELF CARE and the idea of doing it a billion times by now. WONDER WHY? It's needed. We have so many demanding roles now and other people and jobs are placed before us, daily. How can we be what we need to be for others if we aren't what we are for ourselves? What if we showed ourselves the love, attention and affection that we showed our children, men, and random people that same amount of love or more. Making self care a daily ritual, we can envision ourselves and become our own biggest fans, every day. Because when we’re taking actions that nourish our own mind, body, and spirit, we can then give our fullest selves to others. Here are four simple ways to show ourselves love every single day to nourish and nurture our mind body and soul.....

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares four ways to love yourself more every day


Now that some of us may not be "spring chickens" we have arrived at the age where we are pressured to "enhance" our beauty. We apply extra makeup to hide the signs of gracefully aging, the beauty remnants of pregnancy and signs of gravity having it's way with our bodies.  As grown women, we’re so often pushed to “fix ourselves up".  Freeze time and take a look in the mirror before all of the enhancements and reflect on what you love about yourself and the beauty you hold. Do it every morning before the world gets to you. So whether it’s a few minutes or 15, I think it’s important to appreciate yourself just as you are. Look into the mirror and say 5, 10, 15, 20 things you love about yourself. 


As we grow older we tend to let life experiences shape our decisions. We become less spontaneous, less playful and more reserved, we show less passion and exude more of an automatic, slightly robotic state of being. We are afraid of risks. It is through getting in touch with our inner child that we can begin to take risks, and make the necessary mistakes in order to truly evolve into the woman we are meant to be. Give yourself the permission to rekindle and rediscover your inner child through discovery hobbies or make it simple and play with your inner child. Engage in hobbies like scrap booking, photography, gardening, reading, ceramics class, biking, hula hooping once a week for at least an hour. 


Food for women like me is nurturing. They don't coin certain food as soul food just because. Food creates connections; it brings us together and is a great way to express care for someone else. And I bet there’s one meal or time of day you enjoy eating the most and a certain kind of recipe you like making. So make that one meal! Enjoy the process as much as the outcome. Whether it’s breakfast, your favorite snack, or cooking a meal with your favorite playlist on at the end of the day, like I do to unwind, show yourself some love from the inside out.


By the end of the night, our robotic self has a million phrases and conversations going on about what didn't get finished. There are only 24 hours in a day for a reason and it's impossible to think we can build Rome with piles of to do lists.  I think we should love ourselves enough to wind down and take nighttime slower. Turn off the noise every single night and create a ritual system to wind down. Disconnect from the world and create a ritualistic system. It may be lighting candles and taking nice bath with essential oils, reading for 15-30 minutes before bed or a hand mask  and painting your nails.