Five Things to Do At The Beginning of Every Month

It's June 1st, 2 0 1 7 ! The last month of the second quarter of the year and where are we? How are you doing with your 2017 goals? Have you flipped the calendar and seen yet another month around and feel rather anxious about the success and productivity of this year. I know I have! 

Over a period of time of feeling like a complete failure who lets time pass by lol, I have found a few tips to manage my day to day that helps me prepare for the month that makes my life less chaotic. They don't require a total shift in your life, maybe 15 minutes here or there and a little planning. Each tip helps to bring your Pinterest board to live and have a more successful month because you will have a plan! Here are 5 things to do at the beginning of every month to help you have a more productive and organized month!

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares five things to do at the beginning of every month 


It is time out for arriving at the end of the year and you still have not taken that dream trip, paid that debt off or made that major purchase for yourself. Money affords experiences and this year,  we all resolved to experience life to the fullest. We don't realize it--- but one grande caramel macchiato  per day at $4.95, 7 days a week, for 52 weeks is almost $1,801.65. Do you know that you have just drank your trip to Paris? So, whether you are great at budgeting or completely new,  making a budget will benefit you in many ways. You will know where your money is going and see results at the end of the month. Make a budget and try to just stick to it daily. If you need help with budget tips, I'd suggest to start here. 


By know it should be obvious that I love a good challenge to do something new or master a skill. What I've realized though is that at times I don't really master the goal because I get overwhelmed by the big picture and it's broad strokes and don't pay attention to the small details. Pick a goal , affirm that you will see progress in that skill and set daily goals to master it. For example, learn Spanish, well set a goal for the month of June to learn body parts, colors, and simple greetings. Break those down into Week 1 body parts, Week 2 colors, 3 simple greetings and Week 4 master it by giving yourself a test or converse in the language with a native speaker. 


I know I really don't want to sound like your mother but I'll have to for just a second. It's important if you want to live a stress & clutter free life you have to get organized and clean up. I will admit being more organized and tidy is something I really wanted to work on this year. At the beginning of the month, plan your cleaning schedule. Clean out your refrigerator and freezer, your car ( you know we have an entire household in our cars),  clean your closet and watch how your life changes by tidying up. Need some motivation, read this


Goals, 2017, and productivity has to include some time of wellness. If you wanted to be more productive and consistent with becoming healthier in 2017, I suggest planning out your workouts for the month. The monotony of running every day gets to me so I plan to implement a new workout regimen or some type of exercise that is different from any other day. Get creative and plan to participate in a new dance class, plan out a long bike ride or  push yourself to 3 more challenging yoga poses this month.


Life can get chaotic, stressful and loud and creates a domino effect of lack of productivity because you can get overwhelmed. At the beginning of each day, every month, take 15 minutes to be still, get quiet and mediate or pray. You may not be convinced that shutting yourself off from the world for only 15 minutes makes a difference but it does. It allows you to reflect, center yourself and get energized to push through each day. Here's one of my favorite personal guided meditation resources, I think you'll love. 

Do you think these tips will help you be more productive and better organized?  What do you do at the beginning of the month to help you live with less stress and get things done?