VIDEO : DIY Aloe Vera Mask for Eczema, Burns, and Pigmentation

The saying is tried and definitely true that nature gives us everything we need. While still in this fight since I was 6 weeks old with eczema, my focus has shifted to holistic and natural remedies to treat my skin condition. Aloe Vera,  nature's magical healing plant has medicinal properties that heals the skins, replenishes moisture, naturally fights inflammation and creates a protective barrier on the skin. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Blogger shares a DIY Aloe Vera Rub for Eczema and Skin Problems

Aloe Vera has so many uses-- the skin, hair and even digestion. I used the DIY Aloe Rub as a mask to restore the moisture in my skin due to drying from heat in the winter and also to ease the inflammation and heal the dark scars from eczema due to my recent flare ups. There are regimens that include Vitamin E and baking soda and other natural products. However, I chose to sometimes only use one product  to make sure I am not over treating my skin and using agents that could potentially interact with each other. 


Aloe oxidizes very quickly, so be sure to use fresh cuttings within four hours or store them in the fridge for up to 2 months. The Aloe Vera in the video was sourced locally at Viet Hoa Market in Midtown Memphis, you can pick fresh aloe vera up from any ethnic grocery store or Whole Foods Market or order from Amazon HERE