Reaching Financial Milestones with Regions Bank

At the beginning of the year, I knew it was time to make some changes in my personal finances. The moment had arrived and it was my responsibility to change the way I felt about money, my relationship with it and how I would manage it. I devotedly took control over my finances and believed that everything thereafter would naturally flow as it should as it pertains to my long term goals and visions.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares Reaching Financial Milestones with Regions Bank

I took the first steps toward a better future not only for myself but Amira and my future family. Those first steps were not as difficult as many of us assumes, it was quite easy. Money and financial literacy can sometimes be intimidating. Courageously, I sat down and set financial goals, made a plan and a personal commitment.  My plan began by laying out a solid roadmap with my first step being saving an emergency fund. Initially, I did what was the easiest to get the job done by stashing cash in a safe box in my home office. I knew there were better ways to save and better align myself with reaching other financial goals.

In February, after reaching a mini milestone with my savings plan I decided to bank smarter. I started researching the benefits of banking with Regions Bank. As a modern mom and entrepreneur with very detailed financial goals, there were features I diligently sought after when considering a bank. It was very important for me to have personal service while banking, modern and innovative technology, convenience, and programs to be a part of to help reach my goals. My researched proved Regions Bank would be the perfect fit for me.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Blogger shares Regions Banking Sponsored Post

Regions is dedicated to providing award winning customer service to its customers and communities.  Great news--- the brand is expanding in Memphis with new, innovative branches to reach more customers in the Memphis area and help them with their needs. The expansion and its new branches makes the transition from my home savings to banking--- totally worth it. The modern and innovative features are a great way for the company to show you how it can make a difference in your life and how seamless and approachable financial planning and banking can be for anyone. As Regions unveils its new innovative branches, you’ll see and experience the bank’s new improved innovative design and learn how technology is providing you with a simple banking experience.

My life is always on the go from managing Amira’s busy schedule with school and ballet, my creative projects, and clients to our social life. It’s important that I can bank from anywhere.Regions Video Teller Machines blew me away. Regions offers Video Teller Machines, that connect customers with a Regions Video Banker via live two-way video. Along with processing most teller transactions, Video Bankers can help customers with account maintenance and general inquiries.  They’re available during extended hours on weekdays as well as on weekends and most holidays. Speaking of extended hours, my schedule is ever changing with work and now that Amira is nine years old she has a social calendar of her own. The DepositSmart ATM makes my life so easy. Regions customers have access to Regions’ DepositSmart ATM located in the branch’s 24-hour vestibule, which can accept deposits and cash checks for customers at any time, day or night. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Blogger shares Regions Banking sponsored post

Let’s be realistic, we still have to actually have personal one on one interaction with real people. I really think it’s important to have a personal relationship with your bank especially when you are working so closely with your bank to reach your goals. Regions sold me on the personal service while looking for a bank. Instead of featuring a traditional teller line, in the new branches customers are welcomed directly by a Regions Banker who can help customers with all of their branch-banking needs.  Occasionally, I may need to go in to a Regions Branch to cash a client’s check or deposit, open a savings account for Amira or a new travel savings account for a summer trip and having a personal banker to help with my varied long-term financial goals is amazing. Let’s just say, I couldn’t let go of my need to use a safe deposit box, while I’m in the branch I could access my money with enhanced security features like facial recognition and fingerprint technology.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Blogger shares Regions Bank sponsored post

It is very motivating to know that a bank has invested in features and enhanced services that ensures its customers experience the convenience and accessibility of a bank but receiving tailored and personal service to meet their needs. Taking the small steps in January 2018 to save an emergency fund began opening doors to become more financially literate. I knew it was time to transition to a bank that would help me not only manage my money by way of traditional banking. It was just as important to have a relationship with a bank that had the technology needed to make my life a bit easier and reach my financial objectives.


Regions Bank will open a new branch in Memphis this year. As I’ve shared, Regions offers a wide variety of products and services that help people focus more on life and worry less about money. The new branch, located in Lakeland, will be technologically-advanced, offer the company’s most modern features to-date as well as award winning customer service. Busy moms and entrepreneurs could benefit greatly from the ease of technology and the personal service--best of great worlds.


Lakeland Canada Rd

9850 US Highway 64

Lakeland, TN 38002

Branch Opening April 9, 2018: Grand Opening event April 21, 2018


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