Well Halloween...Until Next Time

Having a child you by default have to celebrate every single holiday there is, even if you aren't the overly celebratory type. That would be me!!! But, I can't act like that now being that I'm a mommy now of a 5 year old who gets excited about every holiday and every party there is. 

Halloween is one of her favorite holidays because she gets yet another chance to play dress up. I mean saying she is excited wouldn't be enough. Every year planning the "looks" for Halloween is difficult. I mean one hour she wants to be Ariel, the next it's Elsa, then it's Snow White, back to Elsa..lord jesus.

 I'm so thankful for the stationery gods and fairy angels for coming to mommy's rescue on the party planning aspect of Halloween. Until Next Time, appeared magically through the United States Postal Service. Sprinkling a little fairy dust to help mommy at least get  the costume party under control.

How adorable and well thought out is the custom event invitation and stationery package I received?!
It's packed with cute invitations and envelopes and place cards even little greeting cards that can be styled with festive bat confetti. 

 The paper is of great quality and easy for parents to just fill in the blanks for kids parties.

Now on to the festive decor... my party pack came with the prettiest little orange chevron printed trick or treat bags. No thinking on my part..again thank God. Look at these little straws with bats on them to hand out to all of the scary guests lol. I'm pretty sure Amira will have a great time decorating her package for her little guests.

I so loooooooovveeeeeee this company! It's pretty cool to know that at any time you have an idea to celebrate an occasion, someone is there to help. Until Next Time specializes in event stationery and paper goods to guarantee you give a great presentation. Holiday party packs aren't the only stationery package offered either. Birthdays, baby showers, housewarming, BBQs and more...they can be of pretty service lol. Wanna know something else...It's all customized just for you!!

Please do yourself a favor and visit Until Next Time's site and connect with them!!


Oh and BTW...Here's Amira's final choice!!!!