We Have A Guest : Brandy Flynn x Lose to Win

Life is something else I tell you. It throws you the most curve balls while riding the roller coaster but we learn how to deal. If we don't we just call on our girlfriend who always has a way to put things into perspective. Thankfully, I have one I can call on and she's a professional too which is even better. 

You guys MEET BRANDY FLYNN ... I invited her to do a guest blog post simply to help us sort our life out. 


How do you handle losing things out of life when you are trying to win? Do you cry? Do you fall apart? Do you shut yourself in? Do you go in denial? Don’t be scared to answer yes, because you are not alone. 

It is hard for us to get back on the grind of things when we feel that everything that we are doing is constantly knocking us down. It is very hard to lose out on the things that we want out of life and to remain focused on achieving the goal that we have set. Rather it is school, career, relationships, or personal goals, often times we do not reach the goal the first go around. It seems like that often times when we try to do great things in life, we often get thrown off track to the point that we ask is it worth it. But what people don’t realize is that a lot of successful people have lost almost everything in order for them to win it all. 

But how, you may ask. Well I’m not going to say that it is easy, but will so that it is doable, but depending on how much you want it. Here are three pointers for you to help  when you are trying to win after constantly losing.

Remember your Purpose
Do you know your purpose in life? If you don’t know, then you will never win until you realize what your purpose is. In order to find it, you must recognize what your talents are that you are blessed with. No talent is too small to have a place in our world, so there is no need to compare it to others. Once you realize your purpose, you have to actively grow into your talent and make it stronger. Even when we get knocked off the path, we have to remember to regroup so that we can move on with the plan that is set for us.

Always be the Captain of your Cheerleading Squad
Whenever we are at a loss and continue to lose, we always want someone to cheer us on so that we can get back motivated to win. But what about the times when our cheerleading squad is either not available to cheer or have quit the squad. Just like a captain of the cheerleading squad, you have to learn to cheer for yourself no matter how bad you feel about losing. Many athletic games that were losing contributed to their major comebacks to their cheerleaders that constantly cheered for them even when the fans stopped. We have to learn to encourage ourselves, to tell ourselves that we did a great job, and to tell ourselves that we will make it through this. We have to understand the concept that no one will ever cheer for us to win, if we do not speak the spirit in ourselves.

Creating a Winning Team
No one became successful in life alone. All successful people had at least someone on their team who was able to help them during the good times and the bad times of life. So how do you handle the people who constantly remind you of your losses and never encourage you attempt to win? Well that’s an easy answer; you get rid of them. One of the main reasons why we can never get back on track on the winning path is because we allow people in our area who mean us no good. We feel that if you cut them off that we are being disloyal and we are not keeping it real. 

Well we are being disloyal, and we are not keeping it real, but we are doing these two things to ourselves. Once we learn to rotate people from certain places in our lives that they no longer need to be in and replace them with those who can help us gain a winning strategy, we will be able to get back on track to win the game.

Everything worth having in life is worth fighting for. Sometimes we have to be lose everything that we have in order to gain and appreciate the winnings that are set in lives to gain. We have to understand that many times we will fail at something but that does not equate to failure. We have to understand that a loss does not mean that we are lost. We have to remember that we are destined for greatness. We have to remember that sometimes we have to lose to win again.

Brandy is a mental health counselor and consultant. She is an advocate for mental health awareness where she blogs and conducts speaking engagements about mental health and becoming a better person.. You can follow her on Instagram @ConsultBrandy and Facebook on Brandy J. Flynn Counseling & Consulting Services