Trends : How to Wear A Fanny Pack

Fanny Paks ..Who Wears them...( counting on my fingers) tourists, geeky dads (not mine lol) and die hard football fans. Well guess what now hipsters and stylish honey bunnies like you will hopefully after seeing two styled looks to help convince you to wear a fanny pak and not look silly. 

Pair a bold sequin fanny pak with a quilted crop top and knit maxi skirt while hanging out in a cool artsy neighborhood of a new city or your own. Fanny packs actually are the perfect accessory to carry while exploring. No wonder the old tourists use it as their go to accessory lol. They have just enough room for all of your essentials like cameras, maps, sketchpads and your phone.

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crop top | Target
maxi skirt | byAndreaFenise
fanny pak | Style Junkie 

Are you a tad bit convinced yet? Look 2 is for the hipster and cool kid in you. I couldn't help to reminscene a bit with the Marvel cartoon crop sweater. So 90s right?! 

Add a little glamour to your look with a bad pair of heels and pops of color in your top. The fanny pak THEN becomes an easy and cohesive look.

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Marvel sweater | Target
denim jeans | thrifted

Jussstttt in case you want to pull off the trend, here are a couple of more fanny pak looks. 


Marni Embroidered & Beaded Belt Bag

Atelier Vlisco + Atelier Vlisco suede-trimmed printed shell belt bag

LYDC Peace Stud Bum Bag

JanSport Fifth Avenue Pack

Pins And Needles Studded Leather Belt Bag

Thrifting is a great option because it's affordable and the perfect place to go searching. Problem is it's like a scavenger hunt finding a fanny oak. Why I don't know?