Product Review : Brainy Baby's Spanish and English : Simple Words and Phrases

As we all know the world is getting so small and becoming more global. We are immersed in other cultures every single day, I mean every day. As a mother, the value of raising Amira to be more cultured and adapt to the world internationally is very important. I try with all of my little might to give her as many advantages as possible.

Raising Amira to be bilingual is one of my major goals. Learning a second language not only allows her to communicate with her friends in school that speak Spanish but it prepares her for so much more the world can offer.

 Like mother like daughter, I started teaching myself Spanish a few years ago by reading books and listening audio tapes. Her current school doesn't offer Spanish in its curriculum. Therefore, we do outside supplemental learning support at home. One of my favorite learning resources is Brainy Baby's Spanish and English Simple Words & Phrases.

The set was pretty cool and came with mixed resources for learning. It comes packaged with a book, DVD, and flash cards. I thought that was pretty cool and great thinking on the developers end. We all know kids learn different ways, some are visual and some are audio, and hands on. So it's perfect to use all of the learning techniques. 

 Our method of learning is pretty simple. We take a word or two a week and review all day every day. Most of the time, if I know Amira has mastered the word. I make her speak to me only in Spanish. For example, numbers and colors, she has to tell me in both English in Spanish. This morning I asked her,  Cuantos colas de caballo quieres?  she replied in Spanish cuatro . Using this method, is a great way to reinforce and review and allow her to carry on conversations in Spanish.

We just love the Brainy Baby Collection and we've used it for the past 3 years.  I purchased the collection locally in Memphis at Booksellers at Laurelwood, if you aren't in Memphis you can grab it  HERE

Are you teaching your children a second language? Do you have any resources to share?