Mommy and Me : Painting Butterflies at Memphis Botanic Garden

Sunday is our little family fun day for Amira and I. It's the perfect day for us to hang out together, eat, and explore something new to do in Memphis. After a very long work week, I mean very, I wanted to do something that would be relaxing for mommy but a bit of a learning experience for Amira. I had no clue what but after browsing through my go to app for things to do in Memphis, Do Memphis app didn't let us down.

 We were off to experience Family Painting en Plein Air at The Memphis Botanic Garden. Amira was so elated to go the the "garden". It is one of her favorite places in the world. The 96 acre local attraction has more than 25 speciality gardens. Heaven for a child who adores flowers. The event was an outdoor class painting butterflies using the watercolor techniques taught by local artist Kerrie Rogers. Oh and she loves butterflies too.

Mommy was excited too probably more than Amira. It was my chance to get a one on one class on watercolor techniques. I have been researching watercolor lessons to use in my illustration projects. It was the perfect chance to share an experience with her as well as learn something. Relaxing huh yes it was. It's like I was a kid again just painting with no adult distractions. 

 Amira is a very creative little girl and absolutely loves drawing and painting. She was excited to learn a technique for creating clouds using salt. And..she amazed Kerrie Rogers with her knowledge of mixing primary colors to make secondary.

My little butterfly wasn't too shabby..I don't think. We really enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to attend more events at the Garden.

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