Local Memphis Live x Brunch + Sew with Andrea Fenise

Yesterday, I made an appearance on Local Memphis Live to promote the second Brunch and Sew event with Kamesha Hervey Richard of Ava Loren Design. I love like love spreading the word about Brunch and Sew because well it's the perfect opportunity to socialize, brunch and well duh sew.

Preparing for a television appearance is a lot of work. Behind the scenes and preparation for a filmed show is ALOT of work. You have to make sure wardrobe is television appropriate like colors, fit of clothing and even what accessories to wear and not wear, props and even practice speaking. I've made a few appearances so I kind of have a hold on it lol.

I wanted a bold color to pop on television so I made a pencil skirt with a flounce in a cobalt blue garbadine. I drafted the pattern and completely finished the skirt thanks to my Pomodoro technique.
For the top I wanted to make sure I wore something fitting just in case I bent down. It's so embarassing to flash on television ask Janet. Being mindful of the demographic of the station, I covered my tattoos as well. And of course, I gave myself a mani because I knew I would do a live sewing demonstration and you know a girls nails have to be perfectly polished.

Let's not forget the face...I called my favorite makeup artist Ninja of NV Cosmetics to give me television makeup because lighting in television studios are rough on a girl. I loved the look because it was day makeup but prominent enough for it to read well on TV.

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