Behind the Seams | Song of Style Inspired Look

Hey you guys!! I wanted to share an easy get the look as well as tutorial for Aimee Song of

Song of Style

Look. I have followed Song of Style for a few years now and I have to admit I totally crush on her style. Aimee has an impeccable sense of style both in your wardrobe and interiors. Just in case you didn't know she's an interior designer. I love the way she always dresses very glassy but with a little edge and she's always ultra feminine. Taking a little notes and styling from her, I made this flounce skirt she wore during NYFW for my Local Memphis Live appearance. 

The skirt was so easy to make. So I wanted to share the tutorial with you (let me know if it's too hard to follow). Let's get started!!!


Before you begin, go ahead and take a couple of measurements and write them down. You will need your




measurement for now. Grab some Kraft paper..I get mine from the Dollar Tree but if that's not your kind of place you are more than welcome to get packaging paper from Target lol. 

1. First,measure your waist and

divide by 4

 . We are making two pattern pieces one for the front and one for the back. Therefore, we need to divide by four to get each quarter of the body that will fold out to half. 

Example my waist ( I like my skirts low rise so my waist measurement I use is 27) Divide waist by 4= 7 for me.  

2.  Next measure 7 inches down on the paper, which is the normal distance from your waist down to your hips & mark with a circle. Using your hip measurement divide by 4 as well. Mark on that measurement on paper. 

Using a SA ruler, connect those dots or the waist and hip mesurement as seen above 

Your skirt pattern is now complete!! Use this pattern piece to cut out your FRONT and  BACK pieces. Be sure to place the pattern on the fold of the fabric. As a result, you will have two pieces that will open out to be the front and back piece for your skirt. 

Sew the front and back pieces together right sides facing. 


Now on to the PEPLUM. 

For simplicity purposes, I will share a great


for making the peplum on YouTube. 

But....use your GAIT measurement from above for the measurement you'll need to make a half circle which is what the peplum essentially is. 

My gait measurement is 28. So I divided 28 by (3.14) then by 2 which gives you half a pie. 

From there, I took a ruler and made lines from each anchor point of the circle and spread them to make a peplum piece. 

Cut the pattern piece out and then place on the fold and cut two pieces. Remember you need a front and back piece. Sew pieces together right sides facing. Hem all around the peplum.

Lastly, attach the skirt and peplum together. Right sides facing. What will help is to slide the peplum piece over the skirt.

Final step.....

Oh YAY!!! 

Let me know if you make this skirt!!! It's an adorable piece to have in your wardrobe!!!!