My Favorite Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

I used to be the anti tech girl stuck in an analog world but when I finally made my first iPhone purchase for my birthday last year smh...I haven't been the same. I am now a devout Apple girl!!!! And you wanna know why..the APPS!! In this post, I want to share  five of my favorite apps for creative entrepreneurs.


It's a modern work space that helps you be your most productive self. Evernote allows you to write notes, collect articles to read later, record audio, snap images, and file them all in one place. Managing different projects for my company is easier with Evernote. Many times I am simultaneously handling design projects and sourcing information from visual images to text. It's so important I record everything I mean everything so I won't drop the ball and forget. 

I use the app alot to record ideas for design projects and collect information to effectively see the project through from beginning to end. 


With AnyDo, you feel more apt to DO..get things done you know! It's the perfect app for people who love to conquer to do lists and scratch everything off. Any Do is my get shit done reinforcer. I love how every morning at 9am (you can set your own timer) it sends a notification to plan your day.

I load everything in there! Household tasks, phone calls to friends, business tasks, errands..everything. One other reason why I love AnyDo is because I can clearly see at the end of the day that I did do something today lol. 


My new app obsession is the wonderfully super cool payment app


It is a genius accounting app for small business that makes bookeeping so much easier to manage. I will admit I am not the best when it comes to keeping the accounting aspect of my business well. Receipts are everywhere, I forget to log sales and expenses and you know that is not good at all. Andrea Fenise Lifestyle Design Group is no longer a hobby it is my business and Wave has come to the rescue with running it like one.

 There are 3 major features to the application... Invoicing, Receipts and Payments so everything you need is in one place.

The invoicing featuring gives you the option to submit a mobile invoice to your client with all necessary details. The backup software has all of your products and services in the database, client information and it offers payment for the client. 

 The coolest feature is the Receipt feature. Snap a photo the instant you make a purchase and log which category whether office supplies, travel expenses, gas and more. Cool right!!!!


 Creative entrepreneurs are some of the most amazing people I've ever met. We also have a million ideas, a million projects and a zillion times we jump from idea->idea to goal <- goal. It's the perfect app to track your progress visually. 

We all speak of "journeys" while building a brand. I am in love with Everest simple because I can be as scattered brain as I want but still take a step back and see the progress I am making. 

You can set however many "journeys" as your little heart desires. The beauty is you can also follow others on their journey as well and see when they accomplish all of their goals. 

Do you guys already use any of these apps? Wanna share some cool apps? Please..DO.