In the Studio Series with DVF and Jason Wu

Taking a peek inside a fashion designer's studio is like going down a magical rabbit hole into the most enchanted place there is. I have become infatuated with the process of creating and how "designers work". One of my goals is create the perfect oasis of working and living my dreams. It would be a dream come true to design the perfect design studio to bring all of the ideas to life.
New York Times and Vanessa Friedman are laying out the blueprint and have made my dreams come true with a series of interviews, In the Studio, in which they tour designer's studios, work processes, decor and more.


I mean why start small let's go big...Diane Von Furstenburg is the epitome of creating a signature life. She has beautifully created a seamless balance of working and living. With the most gorgeous four story headquarters in the Meatpacking District of New York, her design studio is any designer's dream. I'll let your heart skip a beat by watching the video. 

Did the introduction music make you feel the same way? Excited. Captivated. Conjured some magical spellbounding feelings lol. Jason Wu's design studio was one of my favorites. I was definitely inspired and have adapted a few of his design techniques. I also wrote notes in my little sketch book for design ideas and layouts for my future design studio.

 If you love the videos of Diane Von Furstenburg and Jason Wu please take the time to watch Tomas Maier of Bottega Veneta and Alber Elbaz...  THE ENTIRE SERIES CAN BE VIEWED HERE