My New Style Routine

When I was a growing up and still today, my mom took time every day to get dressed. She took a shower, curled her hair, did her makeup, got dressed and always wore a pair of earrings ( her thing) —even if we weren’t going anywhere. I would sit in the bathroom and watch with so much admiration, how she presented herself. I don’t think she knew how impressed I was with it. It was just a normal part of her routine.

Now, as a work from home mom , at one point, my mom’s routine was a long stretch from how I was showing up for the world more importantly for myself. My everyday style outside of dressing for events and meetings was frazzled and rushed.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Influencer shares mommy style routine

The first few months of motherhood were a time to be gentle with myself—to let my body heal, and to adjust ever so slowly to my beautiful but demanding new role. Life was about feeding the baby, feeding myself, caring for Amira, sleeping, and watching a lot of Netflix. My appearance was one of the last things on my mind.

My mother being the amazing woman she is, has been with me during this transition as a mother of two. While coming over every day to care for us, she always looks nice, smells nice, and is very organized. Her nurturing yet stern parenting still prevails and she reminded me of the importance of taking time to care for myself through my image. And as time passed, I wanted to feel put-together again for me. Gradually, I reintroduced a simple style and beauty routine into my life again. And when I did, I started to notice a positive difference in my confidence.

Practicing self-care through a style and beauty routine helps me be the woman and mother I want to be. I have more confidence, and I’m much more polished and positive. The life changing aspect of it all is I feel like I’m finally coming back around to myself. I make it a habit to do a few simple things daily to ensure I look my best so that I feel my best.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Influencer shares mommy style routine


The struggle was real and very disappointing after delivering the baby. I wore pajamas all day long to shield myself from feeling sad about wearing postpartum clothes. Finding cute clothes postpartum is grueling. My maternity jeans were too big and saggy but pre-baby clothes were way too tight. Over time after exercising, I finally could wear real clothes. The new clothes had to fit the new body. I have larger breasts thanks to ounces of milk and new hips. Instead of drowning in sadness, I committed to embracing my new body and wearing clothes that accentuated the parts of me I loved. Statement jeans and easy bolder blouses that are conducive to breastfeeding are my go to.

I now appreciate having a wardrobe that I love. All of my pieces are functional, fashionable and easy. Long gone are days that I filled my closet with clothes that I could only wear once or were overly complicated. Life is so much easier knowing that I have a curated wardrobe that allows me to pull looks together in minutes and not compromise my aesthetic even if its jeans and a blouse for now.


My mornings used to be rushed and chaotic. I was always shuffling and hurrying trying to get Amira out of the door. Combing her hair and making sure she looked perfectly polished was my priority. My thoughts were I would get myself together after dropping her off at school. After taking a glimpse at my to do list, it would never happen. I found myself running from errand to errand in a ponytail with no makeup for days.

I had an AHA moment after doing some research on feminine power and dieties, totally random but connected. I needed to hone in on my appearance and make beautifying myself a top priority not an after thought. Thanks to my new style routines, bad hair days are no more. It began creating nightly rituals dedicated to caring for my hair. Every night, I give myself an oil and scalp massage and pincurl my hair before bed. I wake up in the morning to a gorgeous mane that is healthy and styled perfectly.

I’ve never been a heavy makeup wearer. No, I’m not the type of woman who tries to proudly say “I don’t wear a lot of makeup”. I love how makeup naturally enhances your beauty. I just don’t know how to apply it very well. I obsess over how some women can “beat their face to the Gawds.” I’m just not there yet. However, I have taken a simple approach to beauty by making sure I apply concealer and lipstick every day. Call me crazy, but putting on a little bit of makeup helps me feel more energized and uplifted.

My mother always says “You can have your hair in a slick bun and put on a good red lipstick and feel like a million bucks.” And, it’s true. Lipstick makes me feel so feminine and empowered.

hAndrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Influencer shares mommy style routine

Motherhood, especially being a mom of two, has caused things to shift for me. But, that doesn’t mean I have to totally sacrifice treating myself well and dressing the part. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first and caring about your self image. As mothers, we have to set aside time for self care and to implement daily style rituals to allow us to feel and look our best.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Influencer shares mommy style routine

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