Why I Started a New Blog & Opening an Apothecary

When I first began blogging back in 2007 or 2008, I was eager to use my voice for what I was so passionate about at the time. STYLE & FASHION. It was a couple of months after I decided that doctor of pharmacy wasn’t for me. I loved pharmacy, medicine, and the idea of healing people. I just didn’t like the approach to healing and medical care. At the same time, I was so curious to see if the creative route was my purpose. Here I was with a undying quench to be the next fashion stylist or fashion entrepreneur with a blog that would take me to a design house in New York. Yet, all things come full circle. Over time, I began to see a difference between passion and purpose. I have and will always be very passionate about fashion and style. In any and everything, I do whether it’s my personal style or design projects, fashion will have an influence. The beauty of the journey is knowing that your purpose is the why behind it all. Your purpose is the deep reason for your existence. Following your passion while living out your purpose is the ultimate life goal.

After years of writing content, I began to assess what content still brings me joy after personal evolution over the past 10 years. Style was always filler content. What was just easy for me. However, wellness and DIY natural remedies resonated with both myself and you all my readers. I started to ask myself questions like, “What do most people ask advice for?” What gets the most readership? It was always lifestyle and wellness. I realized, it’s time to share more of what I truly love, what drives me daily, and what I study day in and day out in my personal life with others.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Lifestyle Blogger shares why she started a new blog and opening an apothecary

I’ve found a quaint little space in the digital world to share my purpose filled journey in healing others with INSEARCHOFOURGARDEN. I created this blog during a very self reflective growth journey to discover the woman I’ve always dreamed of becoming. I knew there was a need to redefine modern living yet embrace the woman and the ways before me. Those ways birthed a well lived life that is creative, beautiful, and graceful.

The women I speak of like my mother, grandmother and great grandmothers inspired me to be creative, resourceful, and use things like flowers and herbs to enhance my health and beauty. As a grown woman, I have crafted their ways into a lifestyle that I now share with my own daughter.

This blog gives me the opportunity I have waited for quite some time to share my journey of living simply, one day owning an apothecary, and a future homesteading life with my family. In Search of Our Gardens is a lifestyle blog that shares content around fashion and beauty, living, wellness, travel and family that hopes to inspire other women to live with intent, just as I am.

I will be sharing my path to Open an Apothecary with you all very candidly in my #40before40 series. I will take knowledge from pharmacy school, years of studying herbal medicine, and an innate gift to heal to help others discover their gardens within. I pray that by doing so I inspire others to live a purpose filled life driven by your passion.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Lifestyle Blogger shares why she started a new blog and opening an apothecary