Preparing for My Baby's Arrival

I really can’t believe I am so close to being a mother of two. In less than a month, with God’s grace, I will be holding my baby boy in my arms. Truthfully, I’m not ready. As each day grows closer, I get nervous, anxious, and worried. With less than a month away, I really need to get things organized and prepared in so many ways. I haven’t done any of the typical things like preparing the nursery, developing a solid birth plan, let alone buy my son anything. I don’t know if I just haven’t shifted my mindset to really accept that this is real or what. But, I have finally sat down and planned out how to overcome this mental block. I am preparing for Jasiel’s arrival…..

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Parenting Blogger prepares for baby’s arrival

The biggest task for me honestly is preparing myself mentally for this new phase of motherhood. I was a single mother of one for 9 years. And you know what, truthfully, I had really found our groove together, Amira and I. Things had sorted itself out. We became anchored in our lives together. We had our rhythms. It was always my punkin and I navigating through life together. Now, I am birthing a new life. An entirely different human being. Adding to that, starting all over again.

In order to prepare for my new title #MomofTwo, I have written affirmations to help encourage myself. I have reassured myself that the blessing God is giving me as a mother of two beautiful children will heighten my growth. Embracing, caring, and nurturing two children will directly lead to an unfolding I could only imagine. Another child shouldn’t be seen as a burden or a new set of challenges. But, yet a gift that I am illustrates how gracious and humbling enough for God to trust me with his creation.

I’ve done this preparing for baby’s arrival thing before, 10 years ago. And, I learned some very valuable lessons of what is important as you prepare for baby. What to Expect While Expecting was a great resource for a first time mother, I promise you. However, experience will always be the best teacher. All of the many many gifts and nursery items were so great to have. The Diaper Genie…wooh, talk about saved a downtown living first time mom. The crib—never used it. Now I know what are necessities for me as a mother. As I prepare myself physically, I want to simplify the things we have and do. Caring for a child is much less about what you have in the nursery and more about the time you give yourself, your child and your family. My family is growing and overcomplicating our living situation with new baby clutter will only cloud my mind. Therefore, when I signed up for our registry I made sure to only ask for what truly mattered to me. Functional toys, bilingual books, sustainable clothing, nursing items, pampers, and even postpartum gifts for myself were highly important to me.

Big one for me, ya know. My professional life is my lifestyle. I have lived my work essentially since I birthed Amira. Every facet of my life revolved around working as a creative and a mother. It was easy getting support of my family to babysit Amira for work events, push projects or quick road trips for work because it was just one child. Two kids now? Plus a husband who works long hours as an entrepreneur? How will I prepare myself for this new work life? Will I even be able to manage it all? Those are my worries as I prepare myself for maternity leave. Will I be able to leave and even return back to freelancing from home. I don’t know what lies ahead of me professionally. It does make me worry about giving up my career goals and aspirations as I give birth to my son. The only thing I have known to do as I prepare is make a plan to simplify, simplify, simplify.

Simplifying and being intentional about my projects and the things I say YES to! No more of the days of feeling like I need to do it all. It’s about doing less of what does not matter so that the things that do matter can be all worth it. I have prepared myself professionally by writing down my professional mission statement again as it has evolved over the years. The intent is to be very mindful about taking on projects that directly align with my vision. If it isn’t a good fit, it’s a hard NO! It’s also important to know my worth and how valuable time will be. Projects that are not financially or mutually beneficial can’t take precedent over my family life. And, as I prepare for my new baby and my new life, I am ok with it.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Parenting Blogger shares how to prepare for baby’s arrival


If you are a mother of multiple children, how did you prepare mentally, physically and professionally? Did you face any obstacles?