It is Our One Year Anniversary : Lessons Learned

It’s our one year anniversary!!!! One entire year shared with someone as their wife. I can’t believe it. There was never a burning desire in me to be anyone’s Mrs. I was very honest about this before. I watched my parents marriage, ups and downs and never wanted to be obligated to anyone until death did us part. That is HEAVY on both ends. To expect someone to be there for you through your bullshit, sickness, doubts and vice versa. Sharing my parent’s anniversary (amazing how the universe works) I now see why celebrating my anniversary today is one of my best moments and well worth any party or congratulatory praise.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares lesson of one year anniversary

The tone we set for our marriage began with our ceremony. We married at the courthouse, randomly, preventing anyone in talking us out of it. I literally called my mother two nights before our appointment to let her know we were going to get married. I didn’t want the pomp and circumstance, stress and financial obligation of a wedding. It’s really not my style. And thankfully our first year of marriage has been simple yet exciting, loving and comforting yet trying. sacrificial yet worth it.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares one year anniversary lessons

I joke with my husband often of how I feel we had an arranged marriage. Our dating and engagement period was rather short. And, I have ZERO regrets. I have found the greatest value of learning my husband every day and falling deeper in love with him as days and months go by. It’s like I get to continually peel back the layers of beautiful lessons and teachable moments about unconditional love as each day goes by. We come from two extremely different places. The obvious is our different color but cultures and lifestyles. We both would probably attest to our culture being a challenge at times. The way people navigate through life every single day based off their cultural background is immensely impactful on decisions and thought processes. I let him know when we have our little spats he should thank Cristo Jesus that he married an open minded and cultured woman. But he knows that, I’m sure.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares lessons from one year anniversary

The beauty of blending cultures in marriage is illuminated in our family. We are a lovely blended family of soon to be 7. When I see us all together interacting, engaging and loving each other, I get so proud. Especially so, when we bring our families together. It shows that love trumps everything. We have all learned, including the kids, that there really aren’t big differences between us. Despite any language barriers, difference in food or music, we are all looking to be loved and respected.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares lessons from one year anniversary

In our first year of marriage, LOVE and RESPECT, has the both of us so grateful for each other. Despite our little challenges like the miscarriage, defining roles in our household, how we would raise bicultural and bilingual children, we have enjoyed every moment of this year. We have worked incredibly hard to strengthen each other’s weakness. We have found ways to be encouraging to each other as we build each other up. We’ve learned a lot about each other cultures in order to have respect. Most importantly, we’ve spent time loving and dating each other to always keep our marriage fresh and new.

We pray there are many more years to come!!! I also pray that somehow and someway whether it is self inspiration or others looking at our marriage as an example, LOVE makes marriage easier. It’s not a cake walk but a faith walk so worth taking.