National Spouse’s Day : Why I Needed to Marry My Husband

In all of my life, I would have never thought I would be celebrating National Spouse’s Day. NUNCA! I grew up in a two parent household in which death did my mother and father apart. I saw the reality of marriage and the immense commitment it took to be someone’s wife. And, I made vows to myself from 17-37 that I didn’t want any parts of that.

I have always wanted to be independent, care free, not have to compromise or ask for permission. I equated submission as a wife with shackles and bondage. I didn’t want to HAVE to cook for anyone other than Amira, run errands, get opinions and let them not be in agreement with my ideas, the list can go on and on.

Yet, being la esposa de Daniel has been the best thing that I never knew I needed to grow and evolve as a woman.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger celebrates National Spouse’s Day

Daniel and I’s marriage was predestined I wholeheartedly believe. I met him after healing a broken a heart from the death of my father. My father was the first man I ever loved, unconditionally. I knew what love really was from the way in which I loved my father through his ups and downs. So, healing from that broken heart was like coming up from the pits of hell. Yet, my future self knew there was a new love— a different yet similar kind of love awaiting me.

Our marriage was fairly quick in normal society’s views. Now I realize why. If I had the opportunity to run away from this man I would have. But then I would be running away from a future of receiving and giving unconditional love, learning and growing into a balanced divine feminine life, nurturing the family that I needed to bring forth, and receiving the tools needed to fulfill my life purpose.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger celebrates National Spouse’s Day

Being each other spouses has taught us very valuable lessons. We need to be each other’s helpmeet. Where I fall short, he is always stronger and vice versa. Our love has crossed cultural and language barriers and allowed us to confront fears. It has taught us that love transcends all. Marriage even through the turbulence or fight over dishes takes you places that your soul needs to go in order to be a better person and for me a better woman.