How to Heal Physically After A Miscarriage

Experiencing a miscarriage was devastating, shocking, and traumatic both emotionally and physically. It not only left my heart and soul in despair but I needed to physically take extra care to nourish and nurture my body back to its normal state. I lost my daughter at 17 weeks pregnant with extra love and pregnancy weight and side effects of going through a D&E procedure. Prior to going through the procedure, I searched online for resources and advice tailored to my approach on healing after I miscarried. I didn’t see very much or just have many options. Therefore, I am openly sharing how I healed and continue to heal after the miscarriage.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares how to heal physically after a miscarriage

I will begin this conversation specifically tailored to those in second trimester loss because it was I experienced. Miscarriage recovery takes time, grace and gentleness, my sister. You can’t rush the process. I tried and was set back. I didn’t want to face so many heart wrenching realities like weight gain, emotional stress, grief, and pain—physically and mentally. Thankfully, my family and support system are always very real with me and made me take care of myself.

The procedure: D&E

We found out that our sweet baby had passed maybe a few days prior to the 16 week ultrasound. Yet, nature had not caught on and we had to schedule a D&E. A dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedure is done in the second 12 weeks second trimester of pregnancy. It’s normally performed in your physician office maybe or an outpatient procedure. We had an outpatient procedure in which I was under general anesthesia and Misoprostol, a pill to help soften my cervix to begin the labor process. They use a cervix dilator to dilate the cervix and another vacuum instrument to evacuate the uterus, in laymen terms. The actual procedure was maybe 30 minutes. I was given Ibuprofen 800 to manage the pain and cramping after and antibiotics prior to the procedure to prevent infection.


My husband and mother, both good nurturing, selfless human beings, were there for me the entire time with Amira on FaceTime. My husband made sure that he granted my wish of having good healing food available for me after. My mother made sure I rested and was at ease in a clean home. I will forever be thankful for them during this time.


    After going through a miscarriage, your body needs to be nurtured and cared for to rebuild and replenish. It’s so important to eat whole foods and comforting foods packed with nutrients to help restore from the loss.

    +PROTEIN & IRON — Your body has to rebuild and restore from the blood loss. Try to include protein in every meal that you consume for the first couple of weeks. Think cheese, butter, nuts, tofu, chicken, eggs, and quality meats.

    +SOUPS & BONE BROTHS- Without me asking my husband prepared a homemade Caldo de Pollo and Caldo de Res to help comfort my empty uterus and heal my body with wholesome meat. Bone broth has so many health benefits to support the immune system.

    +TEAS- I normally drink tea for everyday nourishment. During the healing process of the miscarriage, I referenced many of my herbal remedies for feminine care and pregnancy. Red raspberry leaf was already in my rotation during pregnancy  because it tones and strengthens the uterus. I continued with it in the case we decide to try again. I also incorporated more teas that have a calming nature like lemongrass and lemon balm but I also added chamomile tea to calm my anxiety and stress levels.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger how to heal after a miscarriage
  • REST

There was a lot of bleeding. I guess because I was later in my pregnancy. Of course, my doctor said it was normal but I didn’t like it. It seemed like the bleeding dragged on forever literally like 2-3 weeks. Cramping was a bit much because I don’t normally experience cramping during my menstrual cycles. I do believe honestly I was moving way too much after the procedure. Mainly because I still had a child that I am blessed with to continue caring for. I also just needed something to do other than think of my loss.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger how to heal after a miscarriage

But, I will suggest to you, take a few extra naps or just sit quietly on a heating pad with tea and a book. Think of it this way, you delivered a baby although the outcome was never what you expected. Your body needs to recover. You may need to sleep a little more, nap, sit and take a load off. PLEASE DO THAT FOR YOURSELF.


    After you have rested well, got clearance from your physician, or just listened to your body. I will advocate for you to exercise. I needed the exercise to help me heal after the miscarriage. I felt so abandoned physically. I ate more to nurture this little angel that I would unfortunately never lay my eyes on. Of course, I packed on extra pounds. I adamantly wanted to lose the weight and didn’t feel bad about expressing my wants. You may not be able to immediately run but go for walks, take yoga, swim or ride a bike. Exercise helped me feel like my normal self again and on the road to healing.

What were some of your healing practices after miscarriage or pregnancy loss?