Oh Bomber--Is the Bomber Jacket Still A Trend for Fall 2018

Oh bomber,  it's officially almost time for fall fashion season, where we have to begin layering our summer tops and dresses with outerwear. I'm totally not looking forward to dressing for the cooler weather. Cooler weather also ushers in fall trend forecasting as well. So with the new trends being released by top fashion mags and bloggers, I wonder what stays and what continues on as the hottest & "pinnable" thing to wear for fall 2018. Does the bomber jacket that reigned supreme in fall 2017 stay? 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares bomber jacket trend for 2018

 I got dressed to go skating with the kids this weekend and pulled out this floral bomber jacket from last season, paired with pearl hoops and my go-to black denim jeans for a more feminine sporty look. I stopped and asked myself "Is this still in?"

Some say the trend should be left back, back in 2017 while others think it is the replacement for the blazer look and should stay. I really don't know how I feel. I really hate to be the uber obsessive trend follower but I also don't want to be walking around in outdated looks, ya know.

I found a few bomber jacket looks that I feel should stay for the long haul. 

What do you think? Hang the bomber up for fall 2018 or are we still good?