Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares learning new creative skills with Skillshare

I’ve always wanted to for as long as I could remember to live and work a creative life. I've dreamed of getting as close as I could to folding  creative living into my work as a multidisciplinary designer. It has been a desire to learn graphic design, branding and visual storytelling more, and over the past year or so I was finally able to do that with the help of a great online learning resource called Skillshare.

It's really weird, like cool weird that I am at a point in my professional career that I can really layer so much of my passions and interests into one space. I used to feel ashamed of being a Jill of all Trades until I found out there was a "big word" to use to define myself-- polymath.  Through this blog, I have been able to channel all aspects of creativity and every week I challenge myself to tackle so many different projects, In the last few years I’ve found myself growing more and more and stepping outside of my comfort zone in terms of the projects that I’ve been doing. I've learned how to use elements of all creative industries like graphic design, photography, branding and visual storytelling to make sure I am fulfilled by the work that I do here on the blog. Like, this promo for The Blueprint collates my photography work, graphic design, branding elements and visual storytelling as well. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares learning a new skill with Skillshare

All thanks to discovering  Skillshare, an online learning platform with over 17,000 different creativity based courses. It’s incredible! As you’ll know from previous posts, I’ve had really enjoyed learning basic photography skills that translated into visual storyelling and original content and I've always been fascinated about brands and building brands. So I decided to try out Skillshare classes covering those topics. I took them up on the 3 months for $0.99, I figured I spend that at Dollar Tree daily buying stickers for Amira.  

I'll share a few reasons why I'm obsessed with learning on Skillshare. First, I love the idea of having teachers that are real life working creative professionals who facilitate the classes. It seems informal but yet very professional. The format of the courses are really great, with key steps and techniques broken down into short segments, making them easy to follow and digest, and so much more targeted and detailed than my previous trial error and approach to learning about these skills.  You also learn in a community environment with assigned projects and resources to use later, in the case you need extra help or information.

In just a few months,  I learned the techniques needed to build upon graphic design skills I already knew, with some I learned in Skillshare to make media kits for myself and other creatives.I went back to different sections of the videos over the course of a month to study and practice key techniques in different programs like Photoshop, InDesign, and even Powerpoint. Over time I could see how much I was improving with each new technique! You can also always go back and look at the videos again since they have a list of classes you've enrolled in before. You can speed up or slow down the speed of their videos to your preference, which is a super helpful feature.

I thought it would be kind of nice to show a little of the things I've learned that I've been able to use either just for my personal fulfilment or for client work so you can see just how worthwhile it is to get started.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares skills learned from Skillshare

I began dabbling in Photoshop when I opened Style Junkie almost 9 years ago. I hired a graphic designer for big campaigns and promotional materials but worked on uber simple layouts for new products. Photoshop can be intimidating for a non-designer but I think that's where my journey of self-teaching began because I didn't want to give up. I felt that graphic design would be my thing if I committed myself to learning.  Well after years of designing my own promotional materials for my own businesses and refining techniques through Skillshare like a class that teaches you how to design a media kit for your business or blog--here I am. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares skills learned from Skillshare

Skillshare has also taught me the art of photography and storytelling. With my blog, I always want to give my unique perspective and a different approach to looking at the content I write. I love to capture images to document the feeling I feel during the moment or just from my eye. There are some really cool instructors on the Skillshare platform who shoot travel photography and streetstyle for a living with some drop dead gorgeous imagery. They give you insider tricks and tips to help you elevate your photography and storytelling whether you are a mom just shooting your kids and family, blogger or professional photographer. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares skills learned through Skillshare

Whether you’re into graphic design, photography, branding or something different entirely, I'm 1000% confident you’ll find a great course on Skillshare. They really do cover everything, from hand-lettering to website design to cooking to sewing. They’re gifting you three months of unlimited access to stream their courses online. Register here to grab your gift and take your skills to another level. Enjoy!