To begin, I wanted to just clear the air a bit and give a disclaimer. I am writing about hair, in particular natural hair, but I do not want to be boxed into "blogging about natural hair", ya know. I am not an expert in natural hair. I am just sharing what works for my hair and Amira's, sometimes what may not work and our regimens. Speaking of my hair, I don't know the texture of my hair--it's JUST curly. Your hair may be a different texture and some products may not give the same results and that's ok but don't hold me liable...k?! 

 I've been natural for over 16-17 years. I honestly can't remember. I have finally found what works best for my hair. Thankfully, it's pretty low maintenance.  I am a faithful user of certain products and stick to a regimen that works. Currently, I am focusing on maintaining a healthy head of hair and growth. The regimen that has worked for me over the years and given me amazing results is a Dominican hair regimen. During my early years of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, I frequently visited Dominican salons in Atlanta. I was blown away by the health of my hair despite the use of heat and had to find out the secrets behind the beautiful locks of many of the Dominican women. I've found that Dominican products are ultra rich in protein and moisturizing fatty acids. The products are made with nutrients, vitamins, and proteins that fortify the strands and protect from damage. 

I'd like to think the universe always conspires with me aligns people, places and things that I need. I met a Dominican hairstylist who frequented my job that shared how I could get those same results at home. Her name was Michelle and I still have her phone number saved in my phone as "Mi Amiga Dominicana" lol. My first round of growing my hair out was back in 2007-2008. My hair grew so fast with this current regimen that so many people thought I was wearing extensions.  Ok back to the point, she shared with me the need to use a DIY hair mask often and some products she loved to use on her clients. Sharing is caring so I'm going to share my current regimen that includes an avocado mask and a conditioning product I swear by. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares a hair growth regimen with a diy avocado hair mask and Silicon Mix


+ I always pre-poo with Vatika Oil

+ I always start with a very clean scalp otherwise the mask will not penetrate well. I shampoo once a week with a sulfate free shampoo. Let me be honest, this changes depending on what's on sale. Mostly, I use Hask Argan Oil Shampoo

+ I apply the Avocado Hair Mask every other week as a protein treatment. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares a hair growth regimen with a diy avocado hair mask and Silicon Mix


half of an avocado

one egg 

1 teaspoonful of olive oil 

1 teaspoonful of mayonnaise

1. Cut the avocado open and spoon the flesh out of the skin of the avocado. Lightly blend the flesh to get a smooth consistency. 

2. Crack the egg open and add it to the avocado flesh and blend it lightly until it is a smooth liquid paste.

3. Add the olive oil and mix the contents together. 

4. Apply it to the hair and work it through. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. 

5. Rinse it out well. 

-I coat my hair with a very generous amount of Silicon Mix. It's a Dominican conditioner that I am using that makes my curls POP! It smells so good. It's intoxicating and reminds me of sitting in a Dominican Salon on a Friday evening. You leave the Silicon Mix on for about 2 to 3 minutes and rinse. 

-Lastly, I still as normal. Most of the time I just do a simple wash and go. My wash and go is very simple. I leave my hair super wet and apply lots of conditioner throughout sections and allow it to air dry or use a diffuser in cold months. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares a hair growth regimen with a diy avocado hair mask and Silicon Mix