The Weekender

It's Friday and I'm ready to hang, call up hmmmmm a few of my favorite people and let's get this weekend rolling. My weekends really aren't completely free due to my work commitments. I'm dead smack in the middle of completing two bridal parties so I'm working and playing...playing and working. A girl can't just work her life away right. This weekend.....


While on a quick little lunch date a few weeks ago, I experienced calde de res and aqua de fresa con leche for the first time. Oh my GAWD! It was the best ever. Lucky for me it's one of his favorite dishes to cook at home. Soooo, my boyfriend and I have planned a little bit of a weekend day date doing something we both love to do and that's cooking. He'll be the teacher and I'll be the student in our little test kitchen. Friday, we'll head out to the International Food Market to get everything we need to stay in and cook and eat... lol. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares recipe for Caldo de Res Soup 
Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares aqua de fresa recipe 


I have had such an enjoyable and quite surprisingly calm summer. It's been jammed pack with work, back to back bridal parties but I can not and will not complain. I'm wrapping up two gorgeous bridal parties before I take a little bit of a sabbatical and rebranding vacation.  I want to finish super strong with these dresses. So the weekend will be dedicated to doing some intricate finishing touches. 



I'm not sure if you have followed my Instagram stories since like December or not. I have reunited and rediscovered my love for dancing. I'll have to tell that story later but dance was my first love, since I was a child. I recently started learning salsa and bachata and when I say the best thing I could have ever done. CHILE! I give myself some me time and bae time too and go to Rumba Room to dance every other weekend. I like to channel all of the beautiful and talented ladies I watch on YouTube. I like to think that my hips move so sexy as them lol. 

That's pretty much all that I have planned for The Weekend, what about you? Any big plans? Things or experiences you are looking forward to?