DIY Custom Candy Bags for Valentine's Day

I am indeed that Mommy, who, when given the opportunity to be creative and go a little further for the crafts, I dare not oblige lol. Valentine's Day in your kids class will be a memorable and custom experience with these super easy Candy Bags for VDay. 



small candy favor bags 

pinking shears

double sided tape


heavyweight cardstock paper

photoshop (optional)


1. Take a photograph or use a current image, resize and print picture to heavyweight matter paper. 

2. If you have Photoshop skills, use a heart brush to make digital hearts. Don't have Photoshop, just have the kiddo draw hearts on the image. For the back, a stamp with a cute little message would work or type something fun and set the file to print 2 sided. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion and Mom Blogger shares DIY Custom Candy Bag Craft 

3. Cut into rectangular strips. Be sure they are to scale of the candy bags. Using pinking shears to add a little detail, cut the edges. 

4. Fold the sheets and tape them using double sided tape to each bag. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion and ParentIng Blogger shares DIY Candy Bag craft