#MYFORDCITY | Essence My City Four Ways Memphis

MEMPHIS---- When you think of Memphis, it’s the music, the food, the people,  the soul and hospitality.  Yes, as we all know there is no place in the world like Memphis. There is no place that has style, grit and grind, good music, BBQ and an eclectic array of universal cuisines, and culture like Memphis. Memphis has unique energy and a pulse like no other and not many cities can proudly say the same. You have to see Memphis for how organically beautiful she is.

 ESSENCE magazine and FORD wants to illuminate and celebrate the city I love and adore---Memphis. Next, Saturday MY CITY, 4 WAYS will share the food, music, art and style of Memphis. Immerse yourself in a lively fusion of music, art, food and style in Memphis!  ESSENCE® My City Four Ways grants you access to gain tips for navigating your business from Creative Director June Ambrose and Founder of the Vanity Group Karleen Roy.  Indulge in savory creations by Chef D. Arthur and drive any Ford vehicle of your choice. ESSENCE Senior Editor, Charreah Jackson hosts the event while DJ Tootz stimulates the musical atmosphere this year. Sounds amazing right?! I am excited because I'll be there to experience Memphis, My City, in 4 ways. 

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ESSENCE MY CITY 4 WAYS takes place Saturday November 1th noon-5 pm at Propcellar 2585 Summer Ave 38112