5 Things Every Stylish Woman Should Own

As another year comes and goes and I am slowly scooting into another decade, I realize the importance of curating my personal style. In my 20s, it was all about experimenting with every trend on music videos. Now that I am in the middle of my 30s, I find that what's really important to me in regards to style is "my signature style". Knowing my personal style and having all of the pieces I own to be the ultimate reflection of the woman says to me "I have arrived to stylish grown woman.  From a forever bag to a signature scent--I am sharing 5 signature  items every woman should own or aspire to own. 


Andrea Fenise, memphis fashion blogger shares 5 things every stylish woman should have 

Every woman should have a personal scent. When you walk into or out of a room your presence should be felt and smelled lol. Now I know every woman may not be able to wear parfum so try using an oil, body lotion or even a body wash that's perfect for you and compliments your personal aura. 


Investing in a quality and authentic bag will last you for decades. I call them your forever bag because you can keep them forever and they never go out of style. 

Andrea Fenise shares 5 things every stylish woman should have 


Andrea Fenise shares 5 things every stylish woman should have 

It wasn't until I reached my thirties that I appreciated the idea of having a signature flower. Whether I am decorating my home or gifting a handcrafted floral bouquet, I always use my signature flower--hydrangeas. When you send someone a thank you gift or a "just because" floral arrangement, they will know who it's from because they know your signature flower. 


I learned from all of the stylish women in my life the importance of a signature lip. The Southern Belles would use the same signature lipstick color for decades. My grandmother would say the same lipstick shade makes you memorable to anybody. 



Nothing says "grown woman" like owning a well tailored power suit. Even a woman like myself who works in a creative industry should own a power suit. You can make it your own by styling it with statement pieces to create your signature look. 


What are some signature pieces you've been told every woman should own? Do you have a signature pieces or items that make you memorable? I'd love to know.