The Weekender

It's the Weekend baby!!!!!!!! To be honest, weekends are not 3 days of rest for me as my days seem to all run together. But, the weekend is time for me to balance and wear all of my hats--it's a beautiful harmony of business and pleasure. 


Before, I have fun I really need to focus and complete some work. I've been booked as one of the costume designers for RISE  so first thing first is completing a few costumes in que. Literally, after hanging those on the rack, I'll shift gears and finishing recording a vlog with a little Behind the Seams footage of the project and also a new video for Brunch & Sew. Lastly, before I scream TGIF, I need to sit down and write out the recipe from dinner last night. Publish that and it's on to enjoy my weekend. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Food blogger shares Balsamic Vinegarette Chicken Recipe 


Tonight, I'll get dress and experience #HeretoStay : The Art of Resilence Art Exhibition, an exhibition benefiting Immigrant Legal ServicesThere will be drinks, food and plenty of art with 40% of proceeds benefiting immigrant legal services at the Community Legal Center, Mid-South Immigration Advocates and Latino Memphis. See you there!

The rest of my weekend Saturday through Monday, Amira and I will make it our duty to honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Standing just feet away from where his life was taken because his life purpose was fulfilled fighting for basic civil and economic rights of our people, I will look back and also look forward to ensure I never forget. There are so many events and kid friendly activities this weekend, browse through Choose 901 for a comprehensive list. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis blogger at the historic Lorraine Hotel in Memphis 

I hope to see you all out if you are in Memphis this weekend and also maybe I'll get some shares if you cook the Balsamic Vinegarette Chicken. Have a great weekend.!!!