Redesign Your Life Intentionally in 2017

It's 2017! A new year, twenty seventeen numerically is a year one, which is an opportunity to begin fresh by renewing, restoring and reinventing yourself. Here at Andrea Fenise Lifestyle Design Group, we've made it our mission to share with intention. Share content that is not only a how-to concept but also to inspire and motivate you to redesign the woman you have always dreamed of being. We give you the blueprint and you render your woman--your signature woman. Let's visualize, we are all sitting around at the dinner table like girlfriends do and talk this thing through---how to redesign your life with intention this year in let's say---three actionable steps. 


Vision boards have become very popular. Women gather over food and wine with magazines and poster boards in tow prepared to visualize and clarify what their hearts desire. The purpose of the vision board is to allow you to see all of your goals visually and really focus on achieving those goals. But I always pose the question, "I know you are focused on getting that dream car, new house, 10k in the bank but have you really thought about who is the woman working so hard to accomplish those goals?"

Who is she? What does she really like? What motivates her? What's her style? What are her hobbies? What cuisine does she like or would love to experience? Does she like to go to museums? Is she adventurous? All of those questions are needed in order to redesign your life with intention in 2017. While tearing sheets from magazines for your vision board, ask yourself those questions about who you are as a woman. Therefore, everything you do this year and you do with the intent to fully experience life as the woman you have redesigned yourself. Me, I love using Pinterest to visualize how I want to look, the details of my signature style and use other women to inspire me--hey, that's completely ok. 


Every day that you are blessed to see the sun rise and set, make it a goal to live each day with intention. Glance at your vision board or your Pinterest and ask yourself, What can I experience today intentionally? What can I challenge myself to do today that will allow me to reinvent and redesign my life? 

I love to make monthly challenges, like this one,  with some very simple tasks and also very uncomfortable ones as well. Daily challenges force you to stretch yourself and get out of the normalcy of day to day living. I look at my vision board as a whole then narrow in with impeccable attention to detail and see what I need to do to,  as a challenge to say "be more cultured". I know that then I need to make it my duty to experience a new art exhibition or go to a different museum. 


I know I have been speaking of this idea very often but it's so so so important. Reclaiming your feminine power which in essence is self care, restoring and renewing yourself, and practicing creativity daily will change your life. Intentionally, taking time to enjoy a healing bath as often as you can will do much more for you than you'll ever know. Spending an evening enjoying a glass of wine while you listen to Sade and cook a fabulous yet comforting dinner will change your perspective on what it means to just be. I once read an article by Claire Zammit, that practicing co-creativity gives you three different kinds of power--- the power to change your life, the power to realize your destiny and the power to transform the world. Claire calls them the three power bases of the co-creative feminine.

What are some things you would like to do this year? How would you like to redesign your life with intention? How can we help you? We'd love feedback on any content you'd like for us to share this year to help make 2 0 1 7 one of your best years yet