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With any business, you must test out new methods and procedures and continuously evolve. Apple has an entire division dedicated to it. Walt Disney had an entire floor solely for testing new mehtods... it's very own Think Tank. This proven method of making a conscious effort to evolve and improve services and make business worthwhile is important. byAndreaFenise, the design division, has reached the point of evolving and changing. It is my duty as a business owner to share with past, present and future clients the process of working with byAndreaFenise moving forward. 

Within the byAndreaFenise design brand, I offer two services or shall I say two design services, custom and ready to wear. Ready to wear are the pieces within the shop that have already been designed or I have made patterns and do small manufacturing or turn around is fairly easy. Custom is an entirely different division. It is just what it says. CUSTOM! It is made specifically for each individual's aesthetic, measurements and fit. It requires making a garment from "scratch". In the fashion industry, it is a luxury service that is well worth it and has great value. I have designed custom garments full time every single day since 2013. It has been an exhilarating and rewarding experience. But, It has also been challenging and brought forth obstacles. Andrea Fenise, the designer doesn't  shy away from facing obstacles head on and tackling them in the past and I'm confident it won't change. Challenges present the perfect opportunity for growth and change. Now, as far as the changes let's get right into those as well as a few pieces of information regarding working with me and a little perspective in understanding custom. 


We live and work in a society where the process is super important. Processes are implemented in order to well create order and improve efficiency and productivity. There are processes to driving a car. Processes to shopping in stores. Many Fortune 500 companies are successful due to hiring talent who are proven experts in developing, executing and managing the process. AndreaFenise is no different. There are so many facets to creating a custom garment that having a proven process is just as important as sewing stitches. I feel it is now time to make sure clients understand the process and expectations when working with byAndreaFenise. 


Our transaction begins from the initial point of contact which means my time clock begins to tick and everything is billable. I haven't encountered a single person who works a job in which the moment they clock in they do not get paid. Same for me. 

August 31 @ 8:24 p |  MESSAGE FROM CLIENT VIA Instagram : Hey! I was wondering if you can make this dress Beyonce had on. See picture attached. 


October 2 @ 1:00P | Fitting 15 mins @ $15 PER HOUR TOTAL $3.75

October 4 @ 10:38A | Fabric Sourcing 

+mileage 16 mi @ 20 min @ $15 per hour 

+ gas $7.00

+ time 1 hour @ $15 per hour TOTAL $ 27

October 6 @ 8:30a | Patternmaking -- the most important element since I don't have a pattern for the Givenchy gown Beyonce wore. I have to use my brain power to make a pattern just to replicate the designers work. I then have to make the pattern fit on someone who is not shaped like Beyonce. $25 PER HOUR @ 2 HOURS TOTAL $50

October 8 @ 4:45p | Purchase fabric 

Fabric Sourced from online vendor because Joann's was a total waste of time. 5 yards of fabric at $17 per yard plus $23.76 shipping + lace from Etsy vendor 1 yard at $12 per yard plus $9.75 shipping TOTAL $130.51


October 15th | Construction begins 

12 hours of labor @ $25  because Rome nor my garments are built in a day.... TOTAL $300

October 17th | Fitting 30 min@ $15 hour TOTAL $7.50

October 19th | Packaging --- Garment bag 1 @ $1.50 TOTAL $1.50



The breakdown of the actual process and financial cost of creating garment is a tangible and visual representation of the work that goes into making a Beyonce inspired gown. Everyday almost I am sent pictures of a celebrity inspired look. It is something I have proven to be really good at... designing garments from just a picture. I value my work and my craft to expect to provide a custom experience but also be compensated as well. I mean who is in business to just survive or play with pretty fabrics. It is my goal everyday to pursue my passion but thrive as well as survive. The only way I can accomplish those goals is by evolving and implementing new process. 

EFFECTIVE September 1st, We will enforce our company's contract and terms and agreement. No worries, it's mutually beneficial. If at any point, there is a breach of contract we have the right to cancel a project. We'd hate to do it but sometimes it becomes necessary. Our specialty is in custom bridal and special occasion. Sorry, we can't take anything outside of those realms unless it is a company collaboration with another company. Also, we no longer accept deposits your custom design project has to be fully funded before work begins.  AndreaFenise has an extensive body of work that shows her design range and design capabilities. It has been proven that most shopping experiences you have to pay the entire balance from your shopping cart before anything is shipped to your door. The cool thing is we are providing a unique and personal experience so that in and of itself has great value. 

If the custom experience isn't something you are ready for we are still more than happy to have byAndreaFenise a part of your wardrobe with ready to wear pieces. 

It is my goal as a designer to create beautiful garments that tell a story about a woman's life. My passion is designing for a woman's lifestyle and I plan to continue to do that just far more effective where I too can design my life. 

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