BOOKED : Secret Life of Bees

We all know books are much better than the movies right.  Secret Life of Bees is no exception, at all. I watched the movie while nesting with Amira over 8 years ago. I thought it was such a great story. The book was packed with so many little gems that took me on the path of embracing my true self. Therefore, I would read the book all over again three times before I watched the movie ever again.

Secret Life of Bees by author Sue Monk Kidd is set in rural South Carolina in 1964. It tells a very layered story of Lily Owens, all centered around the tragic loss of her mother. Heightened domestic tension as well as racial tension, Lily and Rosaleen, her black "stand in mother" forces them to escape to Tiburon, South Carolina. Upon arrival in Tiburon, Lily and Rosaleen find refuge with three beekeeping black women. Lily's world and mines as well becomes enthralled by a world of femininity, bees and honey, love, and the divine female power and energy. 

Secret Life of Bees Book Review 

What I loved about Secret Life of Bess is the unexpected blessings? I picked the book up from Burke's Book Store here in Memphis as a little "pick me up" read, the ones I take while traveling. Little did I know, it would direct me to studying symbolism in the many moon references, analyzing bee's life cycles and it's relationship to women, Kidd's message of divine female power now has inspired a collection around The Black Madonna and female goddesses. Secret Life of Bees is now one of those books I will lay in the bed on a Sunday morning and read aloud to Amira. It's one of those every mother and daughter or woman to woman shall read. 

Have you read Secret Life of Bees? Did you like it? What are some of your favorite moments?