VLOG : Kinda Catching Up

Wanna know something so ridiculously embarassing? I joined YouTube back in 2008 and I have not really used the platform as I have planned year after year after year. There are a few reasons... I never feel like taking the time it takes to edit. I don't know if I should wait for the right time to stage things so perfectly. Many more excuses could join those mentioned previously but I'll stop making the excuses. I film all of the time with plans to post a vlog. Well I did it today!! Here's Kinda Catching Up... 

I really believe my voice on YouTube is unique and would offer something different in that big world of YouTube. This time around on YouTube I would like to really post videos with great subject matters not just fashion but lifestyle as well. 

Hopefully you guys enjoy it and will subscribe. Please let me know if there are any videos or subjects you'd like for me to cover.