The Weekender

Like totally looking forward to The Weekend over here!! It's been a really productive, chill and minimal stress free work week. However, the weekend is always time when I schedule dates for myself and Amira,  work on creative projects and do things I want to do. This Weekend....


I'll hang out with my girls Kris Keys and Kim Thomas for a much needed artist's date. Having girlfriends who are creative and businesswomen is one of the best things in the world. We inspire each other, motivate each other, and giggle through our own creative journeys. During a recent girls night out, we each casually asked each other what keeps us inspired. After a 2 hour dinner, we circled back to a book Kris recommended to me The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Get it if you don't have it! Needless to see we each pulled out our phones and penciled in "artist's date" this weekend. I'm sure we'll share our experience after we experience it lol. 

This weekend, I'm being a student of my own lifestyle design program. I shared through Facebook a couple of days ago a personal development program I am conceptualizing. The lifestyle design and personal development is a stylish curated program that will inspire women to design and live a balanced and stylish life. 


My weekend assignment is creating a series of mood boards and challenging myself to make a new cocktail. How fun is my work?! Pinterest is the best learning resource...right?! 


What do you guys have planned for the weekend? 

Sign up for my personal development focus group here if you'd like.