DIY : Moodboard + Free Template

What in the world?! It is August the 1st! The summer flew by in a leer jet I promise. The summer is really winding down and we all are getting ready for back to school (yes!!!!) As we all prepare for the kiddos to go back to school and conquer the world of education. I find myself asking "What are your learning plans for this year" ... "What personal development goals or skill sets would you like to master or learn this upcoming year"? Back to school is not only a celebratory moment in our kids life but one for mommies too! It's the perfect time to design your life for the next couple of quarters in the year to build the momentum for the new year. Therefore, here is the beginning of a soft launch for The Blueprint Series by AFLD with a DIY MOODBOARD or vision board to get you ready to design a balanced and stylish life. 

Mood boards are so captivating and gorgeous. Every where you look on blogs and Pinterest, mood boards are popping up and making people obsess over gorgeous photos and color stories. Ask me... I have a Pinterest board JUST for mood boards. 

Mood boards are created to inspire a brand or project with pretty images and color ways. They are used to inspire a theme for creative projects. What we will do is create a mood board to inspire a theme for our lifestyle. We will use images and colors to give us a source of inspiration to design and visualize our lives with stylish intentions.

This is the mood board I created for myself. With gorgeous photographs, I designed a thematic mood board with all of the things I feel like are a priority. My daughter and our life together, my home, food and travel are all things that are important to me. 


Using this template in Photoshop is super easy, and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to place all your content.

Step 1
Open the template in Photoshop. You also need to open the images you are going to use in your mood board – either in photoshop or any other program, or just online if you have them there. Then you just drag the images into your brand board photoshop document. This will create a new layer for each image.

Step 2
Next, in the layers panel, find the layer that you want to place the image in for. If you’re not sure which layer is which, you can show/hide the layer by clicking on the eye icon, and see what disappears. But, each layer is numbered so it should be simple to tell.

Step 3
Next, we’re going to place the image in the area you want it to be in, for example, number 1. In the layers panel, drag your image so that it’s the layer above the number 1 layer. Then, right click on the image layer, and click Create Clipping Mask. This will make it so that the image only shows through in the rectangular area. You can now move, edit, and resize the image within that area.

Step 4
Then just repeat this for all the different areas in the moodboard, until all your content is in place.

Step 5
To colour in the areas on the right with your brand colours, you just have to select the Colour Palette layer, and use the paint bucket tool to colour each rectangle in. Last of all you’ll want to delete or hide the the numbers layer so they don’t show up on your moodboard.

If you have any questions or troubles using the template just comment below and I’ll try to help you out.